Vera’s First Birthday Celebration @ The Chop House

Not sure if most of you know that besides Wedding Photography, we are also damn good in shooting other stuffs. We do commercial and advertising photography, model comms card photography, corporate headshot photography, architectural/interior photography, car/automobile photography, food & product photography, corporate event photography, birthday event photography, baby shower photography, maternity photography, newborn photography, family portrait, etc etc. I really cannot think of anything that we don’t shoot… yet.

So if you have any special request and you need someone experienced to help you achieve your objective through photographs, Raymond Phang Photography is the one. Wah, I talk like macam trying to sell durian like that hor? Well I guess you’ll just have to try one time then you see the results for yourself ba. There’s always a first time in life… Hehehe~

Anyways, today I’ll be sharing on birthday events! We’ve been getting quite a bit of enquiry asking if we do birthday events. Yes, we do! Raymond is super experienced in all sorts of events, and in fact he started off shooting events! Events trained him to think fast and act fast, always be on the ball, sensitive to things happening around him (situational awareness) and patience to anticipate that critical moment. Like ministerial events with VVVVVVVVIP getting off the car, shaking hands with President or Prime Minister etc, that one is you miss it, that’s it. You cannot ask the President or Prime Minister to samula and redo for you. That’s like wedding day – fleeting moments, missed it and that’s it.

So here’s Raymond’s take on dearest Vera’s First Birthday party with pink and gold theme – She leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes!

Actually I quite like the venue, it’s at The Chop House (Vivocity, #01-161/162). Vivocity is a very accessible location mah, shopping mall. Take the MRT to Harbourfront can already. Layout of Vivocity is also quite straight forward, unlike the malls in the West with many different wings. I so scared.

The Chop House has a mini outdoor area where you can arrange for bouncy castles (kids super love it!), and other outdoor activities if you wish. When I was planning for Miniboss’ first birthday, oh mai gosh it was a super duper headache! So many activities you can do, so many things and details you can incorporate but you’ll definitely burst your budget and I didn’t want it to be a 5 figure celebration. I’ll share more on Miniboss’ birthday when the photos are ready *coughs*.

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Bouncy castle! Gabby and Vera were the first to play on it before the guests arrived!

Here comes Emily and Colin! 😀

Some quick photo of the whole set up. No party planner, everything was DIY can you believe it!

Wider view of the set up.

Even the cake, cupcakes, cookies, meringue and goodie bags etc were all done by themselves. I can only salute them for their effort.

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Hello Vera~ <3

Birthday event is a lot on the candid expressions also. Photos of people enjoying themselves, having fun!

Photo of the venue – long table seating and guests were free to sit anywhere they wanted.

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Full length window letting the natural light in, makes the place look and feel very bright, clean, airy and spacious. Alfresco dining is available outside.

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Back to the Chop House, their food is very awesome!! Talk about the food menu will already make you drool a thousand buckets;

  • Smooth, sweet and creamy pumpkin soup served with garlic croutons.
  • Penne Pomodoro served with homemade tomato sauce
  • Mini beef burgers stuffed with blue cheese, bacon and pear
  • Battered pacific dory fish with homemade tartare sauce
  • Chicken quesadillas with tomatoes and melted jack’s cheddar cheese, served with guacamole, sour cream and salso pico de gallo
  • Pecan, spinach & apple salad with maple cider vinaigrette
  • Tater tots (mini hasbrown?)
  • Mac’N Cheese
  • And scoop of ice cream for dessert!

Makes me feel like going there again to makan, like right now. T_T

Ok better don’t think about the food liao else this blog entry will take forever to finish. Time for more photos!

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Oops! Kena caught munching on tater!

Daddy: “Vera, what did you eat?”
Vera: “Har? Err… hehehe… no la no la…”

Riiiight… Kor kor believe you… 😀

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

People were casually chitta chatta-ing, catching up with friends, makan, drinking, it was a very fun and relaxed gathering cum celebration! Er… I know cos i was there! Susu was there too! We were busy stuffing our faces with the delicious food while Raymond was stuffing his face with his camera to capture all these. Muwahahahaha~

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Little M was very well behaved, she sat by her own, playing with her sticker book and reading her own book too! I’m very impressed!

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Bouncy castle has a weight limit and recommendation for number of children to be on it at one time, so do take note when you’re booking for one ya? If not, have an adult keep watch/supervise.

For Miniboss’ birthday, the power plug was a little too short, so there were times when the plug came off and the castle collapsed. So scary!!! Thankfully no one was injured… maybe the kiddos’ broken hearts when they thought the castle died. But they were like squealing when they saw it revived.

Like best friends. The girls were running around playing in corners, hard to catch them at their most relaxed and natural cos Raymond is so big and hard to miss. So he’ll squat and camp, and blend in with the surrounding as much as he can to prevent bringing any attention to himself.

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Wow, Vera starts young!

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Vera caught eating a cupcake! The pastries were all very very yummy and lovingly baked by Sylvia’s mum Ginny Chan! She’s one talented baker, and was even interviewed on our local newspapers Straits Times! We’ve the honor to try her creations, and Susu still cannot forget the mint chocolate flavoured cake that she baked for Gabby’s first birthday. <3

Hmmm.. say until got phoenix got dragon, i must sneak one to try.


First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

The cake was delicious!

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Time for cake cutting~

Everyone was busy taking photos~

Finished blowing the candle

And the girls got smeared! Look at the cream on their mouth and nose!

So good even Mummy and Daddy couldn’t resist~

Ah yes, we take group photos of the family too~!

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang
First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Love this shot!

And here’s Susu the part time bubble blower. She bought a bottle of soap bubble to entertain the kiddos~

Kids were so tickled by it!

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Towards the end, birthday girl was sleepy already.

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Here’s Little M and a very happy emily.

First Birthday Celebration – Photography by Raymond Phang

Here’s a group shot of us with Emily & Colin! Our first couple who went with us to New Zealand for pre-wedding photoshoot. Unforgettable memories feeding the ducks at Queenstown, the greedy piggy & horse who kept gnawing at our bags, freezing in the cold for the star trail shot. <3

Ahhhh… those memories….

Thank you Emily & Colin for having us shoot your wedding day and also the bridal pre-wedding in New Zealand!

And also thank you Andrew & Sylvia for having us shoot your wedding day plus all of your precious kiddos’ first birthday celebration! We’re very sad that we can’t shoot Becky’s first birthday this year cos we’ll be in NZ… 🙁

Hopefully when there’s a fourth one coming along, we’ll be available. So, have a fourth one soon okie? HEHEHEHEHE~

Love you guys always,


Jacky Cheung’s A Classic Tour 2017 – Singapore

Few months back when the sale of the ticket was released, Raymond managed to snag a pair of tickets for us for his third night and last night of his concert in Singapore! Decent seats at 3xx per tix (oh my poor heart is still bleeding), but it was well worth it. Money can always earn back, but Jacky Cheung won’t come every year mah… The last time we watched his concert was in August 2011! Time really flies… And this is his 58th concert already! Wow~~ I’ve only attended 2 out of 58. -___-“

Jacky Cheung Singapore Concert 2017

So this time round was a four sided stage and the stage set up was brilliantly designed by Jacky himself! All the visual effects, the ups and downs and dimension shift, the raindrops lookalike lightings and what not. Was quite a visual treat for everyone! For those seating above and at the back of the indoor stadium, there were giant screens hanging, and the flexible 3 tier stage can allow audiences to see him as well. Such a thoughtful design!

Jacky Cheung A Classic Tour Concert

His performance was spectacular as always. For a 55 year old man, working so hard to give his very best at the performance, everyone was filled with admiration and inspiration. He not only had to sing, he had to jump and dance and what not. There wasn’t any screens with lyrics that he can refer to, so every single line of the songs he had to memorize by heart, even the dance steps, and names of crew to thank towards the end of his concert.

There were also a lot of people flashing out their phones to take photos + video even though it was clearly stated that photography and videography was not allowed. We even saw people blatantly and happily filming away despite having the usher politely remind them not to. Even with the usher standing infront of them, they continue to do so. Their mentality was probably – what can they do to me? Sigh… I didn’t want to be like them, but at the same time couldn’t resist the urge to take home something from the concert. So I only took a very few photos very sneakily and very quickly. So sad.

Universal Music, next time when Jacky Cheung is coming here to Singapore, or anywhere in the world to hold his concert, AND YOU NEED A PHOTOGRAPHER, PLEASE ASK RAYMOND PHANG! Hahahahahaha!! I’m serious.

No joke. -.-“

Ok, so when Jacky was belting songs after songs, I felt so heartpain leh. Cos he sang and screamed until like his vocal cord was gonna split (on a few times he went oot), and he put so much energy into the dance until I was so worried for his heart!

Jacky Cheung Singapore Concert Encore

The encore was fantastic too! Songs after songs after songs and you thought it’d just be one or two and good night.

He really gave his all for this concert.

Universal Music, remember ah, RAYMOND PHANG PHOTOGRAPHY ok!! 😀

Anyone has any friends or relatives or lovers or ex lovers or enemies working in Universal Music please let them know ok!!

These photos are chui cos they are quick snaps by Angeline, using Angeline’s phone, sneakily and Angeline don’t do photography. So… GET RAYMOND OK! GET RAYMOND! 😀

Jacky Cheung Singapore A Classic Tour Finale



Star-Struck <3,


This entry was typed over two days cos the mini boss was a little over demanding.

Yesterday, I finished the jar of porridge that i cooked for the mini boss. Porridge cooked with salmon fish stock, organic toufu, sweet corn, shiitake mushroom, cabbage, new crop rice. The ungrateful mini boss was excited when she saw me holding her bowl and was lunging forward with her mouth open while I was mincing down the toufu with her spoon.

Fed her one mouthful, she wanted more, until I fed her the corn. She spat it out and ran away, never to return for more. -____-“. Tried other ways to get her to eat them but failed miserably. So it all went into my stomach instead. It’s ok, the mini boss probably felt I’m too bouncy for her, so she didn’t want me to eat the oily food that Bex cooked. Bex can finish 1 liter of oil within a week I’m so amazed. So I got her 2 liter of oil and asked her to use them sparingly and probably to last them for 2 years. LOL!!

Today on mini boss’ menu would be fish bone broth with threadfin, egg, carrot and spinach with macaroni. Let’s hope it doesn’t become my lunch + dinner because I.Dont.Like.Carrot. 😑

Anyway, today I’ll be sharing on the wedding of Michelle & Shao! Love their hashtag – #smckthat. I think couples nowadays are very creative, all got very special hashtag which incorporates both their names or surnames. I can’t even think of one for my own. Too much effort and brain cells usage. 😝

Singapore Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Like all weddings, Raymond starts off at the bride’s. We do have a very handful of rare few weddings that requested for Raymond to start off at the groom’s though.

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Michelle giving mummy a biiiiiig hug.

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

This is was the groom’s entourage of brothers. They were all dressed in gangsta street style. Kinda cool actually and very well matched, don’t you think?

With such a big big entourage of course they weren’t spared of the gruesome gate crashing with lots of drinking I kid you not. What the sisters planned were all alcoholic shots – sour plum welcome shots, jaegarbomb, Guinness stout, Bloody Mary. That makes the 酸甜苦辣。Between the drinking they had some physical task to complete. Not easy wor. But I’m skipping all these cos it’s tough being the neutral party. I cannot give the jiemeis too much idea and cannot appear to be siding with the brides. But hor if you want to see some gatecrash pics for ideas, you can discreetly PM me. 😅

Singapore Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Yay he got the bride!

Singapore Award Winning Photographer

Packing Michelle off to the groom’s but first a kissy kiss by Papa.

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

Erm… #triplets. It’s true. I was scratching my head when I saw their photos, each appearing at different photos, until I saw the three of them together. They looked so alike! Expecting one baby is already quite tiring, twin is like WOAH, but triplets is OMGOMGOMG!! And to take care of triplets + raise them up to be such fine gentlemen must be one of the toughest job in the world and their Mama has done it so well. Give you one big thumbs up! Respect!

So… Michelle, triplets soon ya? 😂😂😭😭

Singapore Award Winning Photographer

Love this shot

And all the close up details.. Michelle actually prepared some token for her parents. That’s very sweet of her. The couple also gifted their parents with some staycation treat! Now that your little girl is finally married, it’s time to take a short break and enjoy.

To mama: Thank you for your unending love through all the days of my life. Remember, I will never stop being your little girl. Love, Michelle.

To papa: Thank you for walking by my side today & always. I will always be your little girl. Love you, Michelle.

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Love notes from Michelle’s Por Por (Grandma). I have a habit of keeping red packets with well wishes written on them cos I find it really meaningful. It may be a simple “Congratulations, 早生贵子”,but its effort that they put in to write something for you. And not everyone is good in expressing themselves with words okay… must appreciate all the thoughts.

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

Putting on necklace gifted during the Tea Ceremony.

Singapore Award Winning Photographer

Fuwah! Cake!!!

The couple held their wedding banquet at Fairmont Singapore.

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

Wedding heels. If you want something tall, get these kinda pumps where there’s a platform at the front, with not too much curve off the ground at the front tip. These are easier to walk in and they don’t put as much strain on your ankle. That’s what i feel lah, coming from someone who hates the heels and prefers to be in slippers 101% of the time.

Close up details of the gorgeous sequins and beadings embroidered on Michelle’s gown.

Singapore Award Winning Photographer

All dolled up for the evening!

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Putting on her heels with the ribbon sash which was part of the heels.

Close up details of her white gown.

这位阿姨应该是累到不行。So if you don’t know yet, Raymond shoots everything he sees and whatever that’s happening. The glam/unglam, the smiles the laughter the tears the frowns. Digging nose, scratching backside, dirty winks, stealing kisses, huggings, yawning etc etc etc. All the real moments of whatever that’s happening. 😅

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

Solemnisation area.

Here’s Shao with his cutesy robot lapel pin.

All ready and waiting for the bride.

Singapore Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Another word for Reserved? Chope liao. Both the seat and the bride. 😂

Singapore Award Winning Photographer

Here comes the bride!

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Let the Solemnisation ceremony begin.

Singapore Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

Singapore Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Actual Day Wedding Photography

YAY! You may now kiss the bride!

Previous post i mentioned about the unity candle, sand and “tying the knot”, here’s the sand version.

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Super love them cos they’re so expressive. But please don’t think that the photos are nice because the bride and groom are both eye candy, or because they are very expressive. Every couple is different, every wedding captured has its own “flavour”. Rara weddings or quiet weddings, expressive or not, each has its own amazing stories to be told.

More details at the reception area. Thinking of doing away with the traditional guest book, can consider having well wishes written on these wooden pieces and put into different jars. For this jar, the couple will open it to read them on their 2nd year of happy ever after. You can have 10 or 100s of such jars also can. Up to your creative free play. 😀

Singapore Award Winning Photographer

This particular wedding favor is extra meaningful. Baked by their favourite charity – Movement of the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS). Do you have a favourite charity that you can rope in to be part of your wedding while celebrating your special big day?

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Ballroom of Fairmont Singapore

Wedding cake!

Look at all these hardcore treasures. Yamazaki single malt whisky, Johnnie walker black label, Singleton of Glen Ord scotch whisky etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

Singapore Award Winning Photographer

Time for some candids at the reception.

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

Wah, lai liao. Cannot resist, must drink first, even when the food is not served yet.

Here comes the couple!

Sorry, cannot resist sharing the candids. All the happy faces. 😀

Singapore Award Winning Photographer

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

Tell me they don’t look alike. T_T

Yum seng time~

Singapore Award Winning Photographer

Aunt: Girl, lai laaaa, drink one sip only ok? This one is water, not whisky and not champagne.
Girl: Harrrr… water only ah? mai lah…

Speeches time~

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Singapore Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Michelle goes “IS THAT ALCOHOL?”

Singapore Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang


Singapore Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Weeeeee~~ Alcohol makes you fly!

Singapore Award Winning Photographer

For their second march in, the couple was almost drowned in confetti!! Shao could collect them in his hat!

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

Nono, this one is not the groom.

Then they were asked on stage to play some games where they had to stuff as much marshmallows into their mouth and try to say something or sing a song. No prizes for guessing who won.

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Couple’s time to give their speech

Auntie very shy, says NO PHOTOS. 😛

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

Singapore Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

So on your wedding day, just be yourselves, enjoy the time enjoy the moment, take in whatever that is to come. Raymond will just camp around and fish for candids. When photos are taken at its most natural, i think that’s the most beautiful. Although sometimes we do have some posed shots for aesthetic purposes, but not too much of them unless couple request for more.

Singapore Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Send off already!

Singapore Award Winning Photographer


Actual Day Wedding Photography

Michelle be like, huh, guy also like to take selfie??

Fairmont Singapore Wedding

Singapore Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Usually by the end of the day brides would have removed their heels and either walk bare footed or slippers. Gotcha!


Alrighty! Here’s the end of my sharing session today. I hope you enjoyed the photos as always.

I’m afraid i might not be able to keep up on the daily blogging cos it’s very time consuming actually. To select the photos, resize them, layout or not doesnt matter, then upload to photo hosting site, click on image one by one to get the URL which unfortunately comes in the form of BBCode and this blog site doesn’t take in BBCode, so i have to extract the JPG link individually, paste them individually here one by one, before i can write. If you have a super easier and less time consuming method, please let us know ya? Will save me heeeeaps of time!

Okie dokies, off to clear my backlogs already! Will share on Jacky Cheung’s A Classic Tour next time!! WAS SO AWESOME! 😀

Just had spicy luncheon meat for lunch,

#Charmdoug wishing everyone a super weekend!



What are your plans? Working (HOPE NOT)?? Sleep in? Catch up on TV serial or Movie backlogs? Do housework? Head out for some fun? Makan all the yummy food in Singapore? Cafe Hopping? Or planning to lurk around the baby fair like me? -_-”

Actually I’ll be staying in to catch up on work backlogs since the parents will be over today so I’ll have someone handle the mini boss for me. Hopefully the koala bear will not ask for me so much today.

Raymond is out of town with Sulin for a wedding day photoshoot for Rachel and Michael, I’m sure everything will go well and the team will enjoy their photoshoot. Cos… they’re shooting with one of their favourite videographer today – Samuel Seah from Simple Motion! Ok in case you don’t know, we actually did a partnership with Simple Motion, XD Studios and Substance Films offering photography + videography services. Hehe. Interested to find out more can always email us to contactme @

Alrighty peeps, I hope you’ll have a super fun weekend! 😀

Have a Happy Weekend!
Featuring #charmdoug, photographed by Raymond Phang

Storing Nucleus Silo,

Yum Yum for my Tum Tum: SUMO BIG PRAWN NOODLE

Are you a fan of prawn noodle? I’m not really a fan of prawn noodle, cos I don’t like the soup. It makes me feel thirsty every time I drink the soup. But I love prawns! So I got curious to try the prawn noodle from this particular hawker stall since I heard about them. So much rave!!

Introducing the SUMO BIG PRAWN NOODLE! The word Sumo already makes you think of something huge, and for this stall, it’s not just SUMO but SUMO BIG.

If you haven’t tried it, go check out SUMO Big Prawn Noodle located at Blk 628, Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #01-72, Singapore 560628. Not sure about their opening hours, can hop on to their FB page at

Opened by a few youngsters (Desmond & Wifey plus business partner Jeffrey), they seemed really passionate about this. Even master chefs from famous Singapore restaurants agree that they are extremely knowledgeable and know what they are doing when Desmond did a live demonstration on how he cook his lobster/prawn noodle!

While queuing to place our order, we saw that they kept their lobster and crayfish in a sashimi chiller. Woah, sashimi chiller is not cheap and I think this the first time we seen anyone with a sashimi chiller in a hawker! I guess Desmond sure invests a lot to make sure he keeps all the ingredients and seafood as fresh as possible.

Raymond decided to try the $24.90 one with the lobster, while I decided I’ll just stick with the $8 one. If $24.90 is too much to pay, you can always try the “normal” big prawn noodle at $8. For $8, there were 3 sumo prawns, la la clams and fried belly pork. The serving for the $8 noodle was definitely generous, and the soup was super rich and gao. One look and you can see the color of it looks like that magic pot has been boiling for a very long time, with so much good stuffs inside! No MSG added (as what i’ve heard),  I don’t know what else was added inside the soup, but one sip and you can taste a very strong distinct flavor coming from the crustaceans, yet there’s this sweetness in the soup as well. A good blend of savory and sweetness leaves you wanting for more if you’re one who loves your soup with punch.

As for the yellow noodle, not like we are food connoisseur (we can’t even cook a decent Maggie Mee), I like that it doesn’t have this powdery texture and weird aftertaste. Prolly cos they studied on the best way to prep and cook the noodle.

Prawns wise, huge and confirm fresh, and my $8 bowl had too much clams I had to give Raymond my share while he waited for his to be ready. For the $24.90 bowl, be prepared to wait 10-15 minutes cos it takes time to cook. Here’s Raymond’s bowl of noodle taken with the phone. Totally forgot to take mine cos I was too eager to try it, and ended up gobbling down everything.

Famous Ang Mo Kio SUMO Big Prawn Noodles Singapore


When Raymond’s one was ready, he gave me some of his lobster. I’m not a fan of lobster either, but Raymond says it’s very sweet and fresh, and I could see there’s a lot of meat! We left our table feeling full and satisfied, and shun bian walked over to Fat Fat fruit stall to grab some fruits. Hahaha~ Very cute name so we decided to just patronize.

Oh, oh, I saw a little sign displayed near the Sumo prawn stall sashimi chiller something about their signature chilli, I don’t eat spicy stuff but heard it’s good. Raymond didn’t manage to try that too though he LOVES spicy stuffs, but if you’ve tried it before, let us know?

Oh, oh, again, while we were finishing up our food, we saw one of the guys shuttling through and fro between their stall and a hokkien prawn mee stall. Feeling curious (always so curious right….) we googled that Desmond has been working at his dad’s Yong Heng Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee stall (located at the same hawker centre as Desmond’s Sumo Prawn Noodle) for more than 10 years before he started this. Ah, that explains why!

If you’re the group of people who feels that hawker prices should be kept within a certain price range, then you probably won’t agree with their pricing and might probably not even want to try. But how can you expect Lobster to sell at the $5-$10 range right? Hannor… I also say…

Anyways, was a good experience! And being a hawker is not easy, very hard work! Glad to see young people like Desmond, and hope they keep the passion burning! 😀

Feeling Prawnie,


F a c e b o o k
S p e c i a l   O n e s
P r o m o t i o n