BTS Video of Singapore Kindness Movement Campaign Photoshoot by Raymond Phang Photography

We are back again! Wish we can get an octopus as an intern to help around here cos our hands are just too full with work to update! Plus the miniboss has been pretty ill & had to be hospitalised, so social media had to take a backseat.

So while everyone is enjoying their weekend somewhere either shopping or nua-ing at home catching up on Netflix what not, here’s the behind the scene video of the Singapore Kindness Movement campaign photoshoot to share with everyone. Photos of the posters were shared in our previous post.This uber cool and sleek BTS video is done by the yummilicious peeps at XD Studios. Got drone fly here fly there, got slow-mo fats jiggling here and there when we were playing on the Trampoline, got music to our ears with the fantastic duet by Gim and Regina etc! We love it so much and we hope you’ll feel the same too! *slurps* :D~

Besides conceptualised pre-wedding shoot, this was like one of super fun campaign photoshoot that we did!

These were shot for Singapore Kindness Movement Campaign’s new theme where we encourage kindness and graciousness.

Kindness, it’s up to us.

For this photoshoot project, we had a massive team of awesome creatives & talents working together with us to make this happen. Folks at 360, XD Studios, RPP, Ryan, Lester, Geoff, Stills Network, Sophia Chia/Makeup Pros, Tong Oh/Vagabond, Cheng/iImaging, Gim Goh, Regina, Dharshen, Wei Jie, Si Yuan, Darien, Riley, Bryan/John, support from Canon and Profoto too! Oh and not forgetting the adorable Madam Yee and the folks from Choa Chu Kang Town Council.

Oh oh oh and the weather – even though it was hazy but thankfully it cleared up when we were almost done with the set up ready for outdoor basketball shoot!

Angie still super love the hiring a portable toilet idea cos she felt it was inconvenient for crews and members to walk few blocks away hunting for a toilet. One of the rare shoot that RPP has a portable toilet onsite. Hahaha!

If you’ve seen the posters via our Instagram ( or our Facebook ( For the top poster, we have Riley in red holding on to the basketball about to dunk. He was actually jumping and literally flying on the trampoline. Not easy to work with a trampoline and do stunts at the same time, but Riley aced it well because he’s a good friend of the trampoline. He knows what tickles the trampoline, what makes it angry and how to press its button. Muwahahaha~ Dharshen and the rest had really good chemistry too so it was really easy for us to shoot. 😛

The bottom poster we have Regina and Gim Goh – one of our favourite talent. Their multiple expressions, professionalism and cooperation really make things extremely easy breezy for us. Regina and Gim were really singing their lungs out during the photoshoot session and had the whole block of residents (whatever that’s left of it) laughing till their teeth fell out. HAHAHAHA! They were super duper hilarious, and it’s these moments like these that made the photoshoot experience an unforgettable one.

As with all photoshoots, it is very important to work with like minded people to achieve that one common goal, otherwise it’s just gonna be hell and every second will feel like years. So we are very grateful that we have a bunch of beautiful peeps to work with us on this project and most thankful for the opportunity given.


BTS Video of Singapore Kindness Movement Campaign Photoshoot by Raymond Phang Photography from Raymond Phang Photography on Vimeo.

Super sleek and cool video by the yummilicious creatives at XD Studios!

Photoshoot campaign by Raymond Phang Photography, for Singapore Kindness Movement.


Hao ba, till the next time, take care! 😀

Just ate a super spicy Otah,

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Amanda Lee Weddings

Wow wow wow! Besides being so good in Photography, Raymond is damn good at IT & Networking stuffs too! Well, at least that’s what he studied during his Polytechnic days. Every time we have any IT or networking related issues in the office, Raymond is the man! So we have all these tech stuffs in the office – NAS, UPS and what nots, it’s all linked up by Raymond. While I was having problem spending too much time on blogging, he offered a time saving solution! I can now spend more time on blog, work, and the rest prolly either catch up on sleep backlog, or spend more time with Mini Boss!

So today I’m digging the archives and decide to share on this series of photoshoot we did for Amanda Lee Weddings a while back.

The couple featured in the photoshoot is none other than our local talented artistes – Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim!

The photoshoot location is at Tiong Bahru estate, we didn’t have any specific must go places but Raymond and myself did spent time recce-ing the location for one or two nights before the actual shoot. Come to think of it… I didn’t even know I was pregnant while I was running around and carrying all the barangs! O_O”

Tay Kewei

Kewei in beautiful gorgeous wedding gown by Amanda Lee Weddings. The whole get up just makes one look so princessy! This is also a very versatile piece – you can mix and match the top and bottom cos they are two separate pieces unlike the traditional one piece dress.

Alfred Sim

Feels a little like Cinderella, don’t you think? If I remember correctly, Amanda has a name for her creation! So cute right, like she give names to the dress/suit she makes.

Like hey, I’m wearing Benjamin!


This is actually a test shot, but Amanda liked it a lot cos it’s all so candid. Hahaha! The yandao kia you see in this photo at the right hand side is none other than DOUGLAS FROM XD STUDIOS! One of the guys whom we’re gonna steal his first time by packing him around to New Zealand with us this year! 😀

Alfred is like mmmm… 要拍了吗?

Kewei is like final warning 了 hor, 还不 start 是吗?

Actually the two of them are really, really nice! No airs, super friendly and very 亲切.

Sports Hub Singpaore

Hock Leong Hin Teck Kee auntie was damn nice to let us shoot inside their shop. They do wholesale distribution of drinks at a good price! When we were done, we bought quite a lot of drinks from the auntie cos we were all thirsty! Special thanks to Joe for the treat! 😀


Not easy for Kewei to stand on this trolley thingy, cos she was wearing heels, and the base of the trolley ain’t those flat platform. But she just makes this shot look like she was having a breeze and the two having fun.

This is literally “HIGH 5”. Hahahaha!

Amanda Lee Weddings & Raymond Phang Photography

Spin spin spin~

Photoshoot for Tay Kewei

Then it rained on us! We finished this shot, loitered around cos was waiting for rain to stop so that we can walk to the car which was parked further away. And we were super duper hungry!

After the rain, comes the sunshine! Wah, Alfred got 古铜色的肌肤,你是阳光男孩吗?This one is 对未来的瞻望充满希望!

Then he was demonstrating to us his power hurdle jump~ For those who think Alfred only sings, he’s actually the founder of Reactiv!

How else do you think he’s so fit! He heven has a degree in Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science ok!

See, even Kewei hear already also scared!

RAWR!! Those bits of stuffs behind are sand~ flying~ in~ mid~ air~

Time for some evening shots with Kewei changing into an alluring red evening gown.

Are you ready to Tango?

This one was a candid non posed shot! Super love it leh somehow. Like got feel lidat. Like those emo MTV cinematic scene lidat.

Across the National Gallery~ This walk-turn-throw pose took a few tries and Kewei was most accommodating! This was the last shot before we call it a wrap!

That’s us in a group photo! Raymond (botak scream face), Kewei in Red and Alfred with his doe eye smile, Douglas with the bushy thick Jappy eyebrow, Pearlyn with the sweet dimple smile, Amanda with the cheeky expression & Mr nice guy Joe at the back, Axel and Susu and Angeline on the right.

Thank you Amanda for having us onboard your SG50 project! It was really fun working with everyone – Amanda Lee Weddings, Kewei & Alfred, XD Studios and of course Raymond Phang Photography!

Kewei & Alfred were very easy to work with, they even sang duet together which was a treat for our ears! Can never forget their 以爱为豪~ <3

XD Studios as always, they are like our battery! What can we do without them sial~ They high, we high, everyone high! They crazy, we crazy, everyone crazy! Shooting with them has been most fun! <3

Joe was like the nanny to us babies, always making sure we’re well hydrated. He got us 100 plus and water even in the evening too!

Oh, and how can we forget the yummy dinner at Hanare/Teppei. Sadly their original outlet at Tras was full, so we were directed to their other outlet. But it’s ok! It’s the company that counts! 😀

Till the next time!

Chewing on veggies,


The Mini Boss goes Gai Gai

Raymond went for his high key reservist last week, which is still ongoing currently.

Over the weekend he was allowed to book out, so after he was done with his work which was already 7pm when he got back, we took Mini boss out for a stroll.

I got this tricycle for her few months back, and she love riding on the tricycle (actually more of sitting and us pushing). I was contemplating which brand to get, and once i’ve decided on the brand, I had to think hard on which model should I be getting. It’s just one tricycle, but I used up quite a lot of my brain cells cos there’s just too many brands, too many different models, and worse thing is, their prices are all thereabouts similar. -_____-”

Initially I wanted the radio flyer brand, and since our space is already very cluttered, i wanted something that is foldable so that i can just keep it somewhere without taking up too much space. But unfortunately Singapore doesn’t carry their foldable model, and the non foldable ones doesn’t have a dedicated foot rest. So i gave up on radio flyer. Will probably look into that next time when she’s bigger.

So after checking with my Mother-in-Law on her requirements, here are the criterias that I need to look for in a tricycle;

  • Got canopy overhead like a rounded shell (don’t want the flat fan kind) and I must be able to see her even with the canopy on
  • Multi uses and mileage for money (can use until like 4-5 years old)
  • Brakes
  • 3 point seatbelt
  • Safety bar
  • Adjustable seat with reclining function
  • A small tray to put her snack container or bottle
  • Wheel pedal lock safety
  • Parental control steering
  • Basket either front or back to put barangs
  • High back rest (detachable to short back rest)
  • Below $200

I saw the iimo Tricycle and wanted to get that cos the seats looked quite comfy, and I like the minimalistic design of it. Mini boss enjoyed pressing on the “horn” thingy anyway, and it is foldable! She had a lot of fun in it when we first saw the iimo tricycle at John Little Plaza Singapura before it closed down. Ended up if I really got that tricycle, I had to top up to get the umbrella and adapter separately on my own. With the umbrella on, i cannot see her at all. So… unwillingly dropped the idea.

Then I was deciding between Smart Trike and Little Tikes. Was a long struggle before i decided on the Little Tike’s 5-in-1 Deluxe Ride & Relax Recliner Trike. I got it off Lazada for $205 then. If you want to get the tricycles, try baby fair. Sometimes they have good deals!! The one at Suntec in February had quite a lot of tricycles on sale. I didn’t really go for that one, and usually I’ll go the Mummy’s Market at EXPO. Wait for the pre-order deals to launch, grab them, then go the fair to collect pre-orders and see if we missed out on anything.

So here’s Enen enjoying her ride;

Looking out for traffic before we cross the road. Enen’s tricycle is zhng-ed with a yellow fan, and a blue color cutesy bicycle bell (which is mine!). Clipped up her hair cos she’s having heat rashes on her neck. Erm… no shoes… Ooops!


Lesson of the day – the one who takes the selfie standing at the corner will always look the fattest. -_-”


Mini boss slowly enjoying the scenery. Her seatbelt wasn’t on because… so far she’s ok without it. The safety bar thing is an added bonus. It comes with 3 compartments – one for her pink color Munchkin 360 drinking cup, the other two mini compartment at its side to put snacks or what not. Look at the foot rest… LOL!


Ok now can see the bell clearer and the compartments. Canopy is high enough for us to see her while strolling. Time to time she’ll turn her head to make sure I’m still around, so it’s a good thing i got this.

Stopping by the reservoir and taking a sip from her cup. The red basket is quite spacious to put your barangs.


Here’s the overview of the tricycle. Mini boss taking a break, Big boss answering a call. Slave taking photo of the two bosses. -___-”

Oh forgot to add that there’s a compartmentalised tray at the handle where you can put your water bottle, iPhone, keys and what not. The handle is adjustable – 3 different heights to choose from. This is at its highest, for Raymond. He also commented that it seems a little hard to push the tricycle, cos you need to actually use a weeeeee bit of strength. So I told him it’s good mah, not like our bicycle got those ABS system, don’t need use much effort but can wheel damn fast. Otherwise if we’re going down the slope, Mini boss will just roll off the slope and crash very badly cos of the speed.

Overall we are pretty happy with the tricycle, just that we felt cheated it came in red color instead of the orange color shown in the photo. I think they really need to calibrate their monitor cos every screen i see, the photo of this tricycle is in orange… and people commented the same too – photo shown orange, product came red.

Also one grouse is the steering handle feels flimsy. Hmm.. I’m pretty ok with that cos so far so good for me lah. Cannot ask for more liao.

Alrighty, hope you had an enjoyable weekend too!

Till the next time!


Super dry eyes,


The Wedding Celebration of Seth & Louisa

Yesterday while I was trying to do some work, mini boss crawled over to my desk and pulled herself to stand. She wanted me to carry her up so that she can help me do some work by hitting on my microsoft keyboard and clicking on my Logitech ball mouse. I’ve been using the Logitec M570 mouse for years already and I love it. It saves my wrist from hurting and i’ve never had a sexier thumb. Wahahahaha! For those who don’t know how the mouse look like, can go and google.

So I was trying to distract mini boss by asking her lame questions, like what is Bruce Lee’s favourite drink. It’s…. Water!  Erm… water sounds like WATAH!!!!!… so yeah… geddit geddit? T_T

Anyway, while the mini boss is asleep, time for blogging!! 😀

Today I’m sharing on Seth and Louisa’s actual day wedding photos! Noticed that i’m sharing more on actual day wedding images hor? That’s because we’ve received  feedback from vendors asking if Raymond actually does actual day wedding shoots or not. Yes he does! And erm besides the conceptualised pre-wedding shoots, he also does the traditional bridal portraits. As per my previous post, Raymond shoots EVERYTHING. Hahahahaha!

And I’ve also realised, the images i shared might not be the best of the best from the wedding in your eyes, or even in Raymond’s eyes, but these are just some of my personal favourite. <3


Singapore Wedding Celebration by Raymond Phang Photography

For this wedding, Raymond started off at Louisa’s place, and early in the morning at 6am. He was shooting with Samuel Seah from Simplemotion for this wedding, so he was very onz and looking forward to the shoot since he’ll be working with one of his favourite video partner (we also heart XD Studios and Substance Films lots!).


Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding

Gown shot. Our digital plastic surgeon trying out a different feel of editing.

Award winning wedding photographer

Some detail shots found in Louisa’s room. Love all the childhood photos… I haven’t read the book 101 secrets to a Happy Marriage, but I bet the content inside must be “Happy wife = happy life = happy marriage”. All 101 of it. Muwahahahahaha~

Singapore Wedding Day Photographer

Louisa getting her hair curled.

Singapore Wedding Celebration by Raymond Phang Photography

Here’s Louisa’ MUA (Makeup Artist) Sammi working her magic, and yeah… Louisa had a lot of pretty gowns to wear on her big day!

All done up!

Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding

This one is Louisa’s room ok. Got her name on the door there if you cannot see.

Award winning wedding photographer

Yay ring shot ring shot. My favourite~

Didi why you cry? Is it because Louisa jie jie is getting married to Seth kor kor and not you? Teeheehee~


Seth got the bride! This one is not I skip the gatecrashing part, but is their wedding totally didn’t have any gatecrashing~

Singapore Wedding Celebration by Raymond Phang Photography

Wah, like every groom will put on the heels for the bride hor? How come my groom didn’t put for me? -_____-“


Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding

Raymond’s signature shot of the bridal car in motion – Rain or shine!

So fast reached already.

Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding

Love this kind of foreground background shots that tells a story.

Seth was so farnie, he was literally taking selfies here and there during his own wedding. Can see he really enjoyed himself!

Award winning wedding photographer

Time to feed some munchies~ Some eat eggs, some eat tang yuan, so it’s all different. Have to check with your parents or grandparents ok? Don’t follow blindly hor. For mine… we had 2 eggs with mee sua and red date and some thingy inside which i cannot remember. But we only ate once! Didn’t eat anything at my parent’s. Wah also quite heng cos i don’t really like to eat all these. If they give like chocolate cake or ice cream then different story… 100 tubs for me please! Tea ceremony you all can ownself carry on. 😀

Award winning wedding photographer

See see! More selfies! 😀

So happy~

Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding

Louisa changed into a blue gown as her “Kua”.

Then the couple had a mini shoot at Conrad hotel with their entourage~ I remember this remark in their itinerary – Please be sneaky and don’t get caught by Groom’s parents. I hope Seth’s parents are not reading this. Hahaha! But i thought that remark was interesting. Usually i’ll look through the itinerary and liaise with the couple, then i’ll condense the itinerary and note down the important pointers for Raymond. So.. i really got read one ok! 😛

Award winning wedding photographer

A mandatory sisterly shot.

Singapore Wedding Day Photographer

And a shy shy want to kiss don’t want to kiss shot. Hahahaha~

Singapore Wedding Celebration by Raymond Phang Photography

Still no kissy kissy~  See, their mouth still not touching! 😛

Award winning wedding photographer

It’s okie, we won’t force de. If you don’t feel comfortable, let’s drop it and move on to our favourite… CANDIDS!

Singapore Wedding Celebration by Raymond Phang Photography

Louisa’s Papa chilling before the start of the solemnization.

Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding

The solemnisation room – Conrad Suite outside the Grand Ballroom.

Seth and everyone else waiting for Louisa. And from this picture, can you tell by the head of the solemnizer who did the couple engage to be their JP??

Louisa and papa!

Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding

Well well well, it’s my all time favourite Dr Phua Tan Tee!!! Haven’t seen him in action for a long while already, it’s good to see him again!

Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding

A humorous Justice of Peace, fatherly figure, speaks English and Mandarin and a little dialect if i remember correctly. He’s not one to make the whole ceremony tensed and solemn, so you can be assure to catch smiles and laughters here and there.

But of course for kids who don’t understand what the whole ceremony is about, they read books at some corner.

So cute!

Award winning wedding photographer

Vow finish, exchange ring ok? I remember my wedding vow was super no effort cos we didn’t have time… or rather we didn’t prioritise our work life the way it should be which was kinda sad. So when Dr Phua arrived, he handed us a choice of 3 different vows to choose from. We picked the shortest one. -______-“

Singapore Wedding Day Photographer

Woahhhh, what are you whispering to ah ma?

Singapore Wedding Day Photographer

Dr Phua seemed to have lost weight cos his coat was pretty oversized. =\

Award winning wedding photographer

Ah ma so happy~ 😀

Okie everyone, the moment that you have been waiting for, I present to you Mr and Mr Liew!

Singapore Wedding Celebration by Raymond Phang Photography

Muacks Muacks!

Singapore Wedding Celebration by Raymond Phang Photography

Overall shot of Conrad’s Grand ballroom.

Some detail shots. I love detail shots and candid shots.

Award winning wedding photographer

Photobooth time!

Award winning wedding photographer

Their stage set up with the giant LOVE word decor.

And the couple marches in~

Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding

Cut cake! I was super tickled when I cut my own wedding cake. Cos it’s like made of some foam material, there’s a pre-cut slit there to insert the knife. No, the cake monster didn’t have a real wedding cake cos her idea of the wedding cake she wanted was weird with fish tanks involved. So end up we kept everything simple. Heh heh heh~

The pretty emcee making an announcement for Louisa’s 2nd sister – Lynette’s special performance!

Lynette’s 自弹自唱 was so good she can 开演唱会了。

Award winning wedding photographer

Louisa’s second march in evening gown.

Singapore Wedding Day Photographer

Actually i quite like Seth’s tie also.

Details details… Seth’s initial embroidered on the cuff of his sleeve.

Seth has been a dutiful husband. He helped Louisa clean her heels when Raymond wanted to take photo of it. See, no need gatecrashing, no need declaration of love also can one. I guess Seth has already read the 101 secrets to a happy marriage book and understood the essence of it. Well done! Hahahaha~

Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding

The couple actually danced in for their second march in~

Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding


Champagne popping and yum seng time!

All their teeth damn healthy, no cavity! Which pretty dentist you all visit ah? Must be go there regularly that’s why teeth so clean. 😀

Award winning wedding photographer

Speeches and candid time!

Uncle was so touched he cried tears of joy. Really.

Then who knows, Louisa prepared something to surprise Seth!

Singapore Wedding Day Photographer

She sang beautifully!

No your eyes are not playing tricks and this is not photoshopped. Raymond somehow manage to find some mirror or reflective surface and took this brilliant shot!

Award winning wedding photographer

And it’s so brilliant he could even capture the reflection of Seth who was actually standing at the left side, out of the frame! Understand what i meeeeean?

Singapore Wedding Celebration by Raymond Phang Photography

Of course have to give a kiss for effort!

Yay more candid time! This frame has all the babies and kids!

Singapore Wedding Day Photographer

The rest of the frames have guests smiling and laughing and having a damn good time!

Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding

Seth, we caught the culprit who made you drink yucky alcohol mix!!

Ah ma says, why liddat leh? Why Seth finished everything don’t leave some for me leh?

Mei mei opens mouth because she also wants…

Seth and Louisa Singapore Wedding

OH~?? If ah ma and mei mei both also want, that glass of alcohol mix must be something good!

Someone added weird chilli and sauces inside and they think is good stuff! Hehehehehehe~

Singapore Wedding Day Photographer

No no no, cannot believe what jie jie in white above is saying. We must ninja our way to get to that glass of potent alcohol mix!

Award winning wedding photographer

Hmm.. How about using some 美人计? Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Singapore Wedding Celebration by Raymond Phang Photography

Hehehehe~ Pardon my nonsense caption, quite fun to use the different expressions to tell stories, which is actually untrue… or true?? :p

Last selfie to end the entry!

Hope you guys enjoy this series!!! I love the photos too! Till the next time, have a happy Tuesday! 😀

Thinking of Sushi,


The Wedding Celebration of Adrian & Joleen

Today I’ll be sharing the wedding of Adrian and Joleen… With the Mini boss and Rebecca sitting on the floor just beside me, playing and talking and laughing and screaming damn loudly. My ears and my brain… it is very distracting but the Mini Boss simply refused to stay out of the work room. But good thing is, kids adapt very fast. Mini boss has already gotten used to Rebecca, and sometimes even calls her Mama. Not sure if she even know what’s the meaning of Mama anyway… Prolly cause I’ve slowly delegating some of the care-giving task to Rebecca, like bathing the mini boss. I still prep and cook Mini boss’ meals and put her to bed. Feed her milk, and try to do some meaningful play with her. But i guess my meaningful play is too meaningful for her liking, she prefers to play with Rebecca and she picks things up real fast from Rebecca too. I just hope she doesn’t pick up the bad habits from her because Rebecca cannot stop peeling the skin off her feet, face, lips. Also on the pronunciation of certain things like orleng (orange), zeeroo (Zero) and things that we would say don’t touch, she’ll go “no no touch”. I guess there’s good and bad to everything in life. We just have to weigh the pros and cons, appreciate the good and overlook the bad? Can’t have the best of both worlds, right?

That aside… Our New Zealand trip has been confirmed, Raymond Phang Photography will be heading there this year in May to June. This time we’ll have the Mini boss travelling with us, and we’ll also be taking the virginity of XD Studios!! Muwahahaha! It’ll be their first time stepping on New Zealand soil, filling their nostrils and lungs with the New Zealand air and drowning themselves with SPEIGHTS beer and sausages! Totally cannot wait for the road trip! So for couples who would like to have a photoshoot done in New Zealand, our photo + video team’s airfare has already been taken care of so you don’t have to pay a single cent for that. Like wow right! For those keen in the photoshoot package details, please email to contactme @ Slots are super limited! Don’t say we #bojio.

And also I realised there are silent readers out there! I hope you’ve enjoyed the rubbish i’ve written on this site. I don’t wish for this blog to be all about weddings weddings weddings, because our lives is not all about weddings. You’re sharing that one biggest day in your life with us when you engage our service to photograph your special wedding day, but we’re sharing our everyday life with you through our blog. I guess that’s one of the ways you can get to know more about us. So, we’ll try to update on other stuffs happening in our life besides weddings… provided that we have a life. HAHAHA!

Okay, I’m monitoring the tri-color quinoa with threadfin fish & dried scallop + cabbage + carrot + egg yolk lunch I’m cooking for Mini boss while typing this entry. Hope it doesn’t burn out! Let’s go!~

singapore wedding photography

Adrian and Joleen’s wedding was a rather chillax one. The day started at 8am for Raymond.

international wedding photographer

Sun was beautiful, so Raymond did most of his set up shots outdoor.

singapore wedding photography

Even for the ring shot

actual day wedding photography

Joleen’s super bling Jimmy Choo heels and for Adrian he’s having the Septième Largeur Chausseur Oxfords. Having sial… macam talking about food. 😛

Here’s Joleen having her hair and make up done by Cleo Chang. Cleo is one of the talented makeup artist we’ve worked with, and she’s a very beautiful lady herself too. 😀

international wedding photographer

For Adrian and Joleen, they didn’t have any travelling or fetching the bride customary to go through, so everything started off at their residence. Both parents were there too.

Can tell Adrian really love his coffee, he’s like a barista himself, he made all these coffee art and he even have the pro coffee machine! On the left is a photo of their wedding menu tasting. See already also salivate. I made it small here so you wouldn’t salivate. 😛

actual day wedding photography

Adrian’s turn to get his hair styled by Cleo. Guys have it easy… Grrrrrrr~

Almost done, and here’s Joleen giving mama a hug.

singapore wedding photography

Some detail of her bling.

While waiting for Joleen to be done, Adrian shared with us his impressive collection of crockery pots and knives. Raymond & Susu were both super fascinated cos these items are what the two monkeys love too. -____-“. I’m secretly glad that Adrian didn’t have any collection of torches. If not, that’s it… I need to send Mini boss down to shoot already.

Helping Adrian get ready too.

international wedding photographer

This is very real ok… couples need to eat on their wedding day too! Now I’m craving for some black noodles too. Dammit!

Joleen all ready! She looked so radiant! The make up is very light and natural, and i think bridal make up is the hardest to do cos you have to put on a lot of things but the end results look like nothing much was put on, YET, the bride looks damn good.

Veiling time!

Putting on their respective shoes.

Raymond’s signature shot of the bridal car in motion. You’d have noticed me mentioning this a million times, but this is a must shoot for Raymond at all the weddings he photographed, unless couple request not to.

actual day wedding photography

The couple moved on to the church for their church wedding ceremony.

singapore wedding photography

Location of their church wedding? Blessed Sacrament Church.

Some of the detail shots at the reception before the ceremony begins.

The interior of Blessed Sacrament Church.

international wedding photographer

March in already!

international wedding photographer

Here comes the bride, and ceremony start already must be quiet one mah. So I quiet quiet for the next few photos ok? What a good excuse not to write any captions. Muwahahaha~

actual day wedding photography

international wedding photographer

Ok this one finish the solemn segments already, so can talk liao. Kissy kiss the bride time! Little boy be like facepalm, not kissy kiss again~

Lighting the unity candle.

actual day wedding photography

Like this also cool hor?

End of their church wedding ceremony, they had a small lunch reception after, and a dinner event.

Their dinner was at St Pierre – a fine dining french restaurant, at Sentosa. They’ve since shifted to One Fullerton, a downsize from the 120 seater at Sentosa to the 30 seater at One Fullerton. Chef Emmanuel Stroobant enjoys cooking for smaller groups anyway. That’s how he can focus on the quality, and make it more personal. Just like how Raymond Phang Photography doesn’t take in many weddings too. For conceptualised pre-wedding, only 5 couples a year.

Detail shots at the reception set up.

international wedding photographer

Interior shot of the restaurant, gorgeous place, full length window makes it super magical at the twilight hours. Look at the blue sky outside the window! It’s kinda sad that they’re no longer operating there, but we have to constantly move on yeah?

Details, details! That mini snowman thingy in the middle? I think that’s butter. T_T

actual day wedding photography

And they have an assortment of cheese! Susu almost ran away with the entire cart, no kidding! But we are all professional people, so on the job we must maintain our professionalism.

Look at all the fine wine & whisky to pair!

international wedding photographer

The fooooooooooood! OMG~ They have like the Amuse bouche, bread, pea soup (susu loves pea), tomato tartare, risotto, asperges, beef/fish, flourless chocolate cake/croquembouche. Not all photos of the food are here because I don’t want you to drool all over your keyboard or table. =D~

Wapiang, why you like this! Make us “gian” only!

Candid candid~ The interior of the restaurant was a dim with a mixture of different lights, overall very warm lights. But it makes for nice photos, especially when people’s faces are right within that spot light.

singapore wedding photography

March in cum speech.

Despite being a fine dining restaurant, the whole setting still feels very casual, because everyone could just stand and walk about. The couple were seen all over the place mingling with their friends and family!

actual day wedding photography

All you happy people, bet you enjoyed yourselves!

Joleen is beautiful inside out

She took the effort to write personalised love letters for the guests. Here’s a shot of Joleen seen distributing the love notes.

More candids. And seems like the Abang here on the right is quite expressive since Raymond took another candid shot of him. 😀

international wedding photographer


SEE!! The guests opening up their individual personalised love letter from Joleen! Love & Thanks, for Jingz!

actual day wedding photography

It’s not a short thank you note, thanks for coming, etc kind of love letter. It’s quite a long chunk of words! Don’t believe, ask Willie! Photo too small to see the content of the letter, but i can tell you Joleen writes beautifully too! Her words are really kind and encouraging. <3

singapore wedding photography

Speeches time~

Here’s Abang #2 with a golden jaw dropping shot~ That’s how the asparagus was cooked!

Adrian distributing love notes too!

actual day wedding photography

Hello Chef Emmanuel Stroobant!

*Sneak attack on Joleen*

*Sniff sniff*

Adrian: “You love the chocolate cake so much you smeared it onto your hair as hair mask riiiiight…”

Joleen: “Heh heh heh heh, no la no la…”

international wedding photographer

See, the spot lighting~ Like nice hor?

actual day wedding photography

Couple’s speech time. I really love this wedding cos it’s a small group of close knitted friends + family coming together. No fancy march ins, no template like cake cutting/champagne popping, table shots. Something really casual, personal, intimate, emotional.

actual day wedding photography

Raymond’s actually shooting the guests reflected in the mirror above.

international wedding photographer

It’s a wedding where i don’t see people lowering their heads to play games on the phone, and people stopped to listen when the couple was giving their speech. <3

singapore wedding photography

Big hug to the family members.

singapore wedding photography

I’ll end the entry with a hug from this last shot.

Raymond enjoyed himself a lot shooting this work, so much so that it didn’t felt like he was working. I hope the photos give you a happy cheery vibe on this Monday where most people will be having the Monday Blues~

Have a good week ahead! 😀

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