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Raymond Phang is a full time professional photographer, and Angeline is a full time pillar of support. Occasionally she'll sneak some moments to practise the piano & clarinet. In our common free time, we enjoy life's simple wonders such as walking the very notti dog, catching movies that'll make our stomach do crunches, spending time whipping up some dishes which usually tastes awful, and lots more! Oh and not forgetting, we really love spending time looking through and editing your photos. =) With the new addition of a full time "the eye" artist to our family, Sulin (aka SUSU or Susi or Susulini the mussolini) binge with us, curse and swear at the workload with us, and edit the images till her eyes pop out from the socket and roll on the table like ping pong ball. In our free time, we scan our faces together, take stupid pictures of each other, letting out gases one after another, and lots lots more! (:

Exploring underwater photoshoot with Raymond Phang

Just last Tuesday, we went swimming! Not really, Susu had a good swim (mostly floating around like a leaf), the couple swam a little and Raymond was mainly keeping his entire body underwater. I… was the security guard! I looked after their belongings, shifted the gears from one place to another, trying to catch some […]

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Spot the difference with Raymond Phang Photography!

Okie, I’m typing this for the third time. The words miraculously disappears after typing certain stuff about my boss who is currently away in China. Did he cast some sort of magic spell over the blog before he left for China?? A smarter way is to type all the words in MS Words, save periodically, […]

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Little Munchkin – Newborn photography by Raymond Phang

Say Hi to the sweet smiley bb Zann who is smiling in dreamland after having some milk milk. (:       Very recently this month we did a newborn photoshoot for a one day old baby right in the hospital ward (not BB Zann as featured in the photo above). We were lucky to […]

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Wedding Photography of Bond and Kelly

*This post is made a Sticky, hence for updated entries, scroll to the bottom. Thanks!* Bond and Kelly’s wedding on 25 December 2013 [Christmas] was my first time assisting Raymond on an actual day wedding shoot. So far the shoots I followed Raymond were for pre-wedding, casual shoots, food shoots, corporate profile shoots, product shoots […]

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Behind the scene: Bridal pre-wedding photoshoot of Tse Yu & E’shan

Many thanks to those who have participated in the mini poll previously! The mini poll is now clooooooosed. 🙂 For couples who are still keen in our Photography + Videography combo package at only SGD3500 nett, feel free to email us at contactme @, or whatsapp us at +65 8138 3397. Actually we have […]

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