1. Actual Day Wedding Time Lapse service by Raymond Phang Photography:

Click Here :: http://www.raymondphang.com/blog/2010/choon-wei-ren-ying-time-lapse-on-wedding-day

An interesting time lapse composite from thousands of images taken on the wedding day into a single slideshow which looks like a video. This time lapse is captured from a Groom’s perspective of the Wedding Day – getting off and on the car, gatecrashing, unveiling the bride etc. On the wedding day while Raymond focus on his candid shots, Dominic is the man behind the “Groom’s perspective” where he captured the thousands of images just for this project. It is definitely not an easy task putting all the images together, summarising the entire wedding luncheon into a less than 4 minutes slideshow.

A break away from the usual montage taken from a third person’s perspective, this time lapse on an actual day wedding is a first in the wedding industry, brought to you by Raymond Phang Photography and Synesthesia. We hope you guys will like it, and if you would like to enquire about this special service, please feel free to drop us an email at contactme@raymondphang.com. Enjoy!

2. Overseas Bridal / Pre-Wedding in New Zealand 2011 with Raymond Phang Photography:

Click Here :: http://www.raymondphang.com/blog/2010/big-plan-april-2011

We are inviting 2 pairs of couples to join us for a pre-wedding photoshoot scheduled in between our personal adventures! We will be spending most of our personal time chasing cows, scaring sheeps, baking ourselves silly under the sun until smoke comes out, rolling all over the green green grasses and cow poo, drooling and snoring like sea and thunder,  stuffing our faces with food, dozing off on the road and trying to jab each other’s eyes to keep ourselves awake while driving etc.

Currently we have already garnered the support from Hero and Heroine like Colin & Emily for South Island of New Zealand, scheduled for 8 April 2011. The couple has been most helpful, sharing with us information and bought us pancakes to munch on when we met them on Wednesday!! If you would like to join us for the pre-wedding photoshoot session at an attractive rate, email us now to contactme@raymondphang.com for further details and date schedule for the pre-wedding shoot (North and South Island)!

3. Wedding Car shot in motion on actual day wedding by Raymond Phang Photography:

Click Here :: http://www.raymondphang.com/blog/2010/raymond-phang-photographys-signature-shot-the-wedding-car

A must have from Raymond Phang Photography, it has became our signature style ever since we started photographing weddings back in the year 2007. Couples who love their cars come to us because of this similar passion and love for their machines. From Aston Martin, BMW, GTR, Lamborghinis, Bentley to the cute little Volkswagen Beetle, Mini Cooper and even Mazda, we strive for something different. Ever since Raymond Phang Photography stirred up quite a big interest and commotion in the wedding photography industry with his wedding cars captured in-motion during an actual day wedding, we ourselves decided to up the ante.

While a moving car is relatively easy to photograph, a moving car with the car in focus and everything else blur in motion is not.  Next, try asking a bride to pluck up enough courage to stand up and balance herself in the moving car with her heavy gown. Because of her personal concern of getting her hair style messy and afraid of falling, the bride might stand wobbly for a mere few seconds. Getting both the car and bride in focus while everything around them is a blur is even more challenging. Take note that the images are not photoshopped for the effect (of course except for color adjustments and cropping), these are taken in camera.

4. About the individual nutcases in Raymond Phang Photography by Raymond Phang Photography:

Click Here :: http://www.raymondphang.com/blog/?p=1826

The living Mascots of Raymond Phang Photography – Satin (on the left) and Bailey (on the right)!!!

Raymond is a spontaneous person, cheeky, talented and highly intelligent. Throw him lemons and he’ll use the skin to sundry make dried lemon snacks, use the fruit to make lemonade, save a little to be used for lemon meringues and also for beauty purposes to lighten skin etc. =_=”

Next comes Angeline (aku, saya dan sendiri). I handle all the admin stuffs such as email enquiries, maintain and update the blog and facebook, paperwork filing, accounts, pricing structure, PR, HR, marketing, meetup with couples, daydream for the conceptualised pre-wedding and liaise with couples for the logistics, assist for pre-wedding shoots and provide opinions (which my boss calls me the art director), do R&D, cleaner, PA to boss, album layout + touch ups bla bla bla… =_=”

SUSU! She has got a lot of nicknames such as Susu (her real name is Sulin), Susulini, Sushimi, and sometimes new nicknames when we’re inspired to call her something else. Muwahahahaha! Susu first joined us in September (2009?) when we put an Ad looking for D-Eye artist, which is actually D.I Artist (Digital Imaging). Her email caught our attention amongst the many application, so we decided to ask her for an interview where they had to process some raw images.

Ben has assisted us for a couple of conceptualised pre-wedding shoots such as Roy and Amy, Tony and Cheryl, Eileen & TP, did a few batches of editing for wedding day, also second shoot for a few weddings as well. Raymond is very pleased with Ah Ben for his work attitude, and also the potential to be an awesome photographer.


by Raymond Phang Photography

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Raymond Phang Photography - Saturday, October 15, 2011 - 1:46 pm

Hello Yiting,

You’ve got mail! 🙂

Yiting - Friday, October 14, 2011 - 12:40 am

Hi, my fiance and I will be getting married on 30th Sep 2012. Can we know more about your available packages. Thanks.

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