*cracks knuckles and puts one toothpick at each eyeball*

Gosh my eyelids are so heavy it keeps shutting! I survived one year of parenthood but it’s not easy juggling work and baby and chores. On top of that take care of two dogs with one being blind and sick, and also some other ongoing mentally draining event. Feels like I’m dragging a titanic ship or something even more colossal and heavier than that. Actually it’s my heavy ass and thunder thighs. WAHAHAHAHA!

With the baby, your world and timing somehow revolves around her. You only have time to do whatever you needed to do when she’s finally napping. But even when she finally closes her eyes, don’t rejoice yet. There were times where my butt barely touched the toilet seat and the baby started to cry. All my little brown soldiers who were already fully prepared to have their passports chopped had to do a big reverse and they all got stuck at the custom. Officer had to put them on hold and tend to the baby. When I finally, finally had time to go back to the toilet, the little brown soldiers became super angry they refused to clear the customs and when I forced them out, they shot out like bullets. You can hear the loud “diang diang” sound of them hitting against the porcelain bowl. -____________-“

Ok too much info.

I think it’s time to come straight to the point.

We have some super duper happy news to share!

Raymond is… pregnant!! And Susu is also pregnant!! It’s true cos they give birth every morning, and for Raymond, sometimes several times a day. Hahahaha~

No lah, good news is… This year, we are going back to New Zealand again! LIKE YAY!!!!!! LIKE FINALLY!!!!! Finally we get to go back to our hometown, make grass angel at random fields, explore abandoned buildings, wash face at random river streams/lake, pick pretty pebbles, drink Speights beer for breakfast lunch dinner supper, make scary faces at the trees at Petrified forest, stuff ourselves with Bluff oysters and fresh salmon sashimi, flash at random cows, hypnotize ourselves by staring at the sheep, attempt to flick a slow moving fly, eat sausages out in the 2 degree cold weather at night etc etc etc!

Things are gonna be different this time round cos we’ll be traveling with the… ASPARAGUS!!

OMG OMG!! Like one of the craziest and most talented crew ever!


And not forgetting Mr Sheepish!! It’s Mr Sheepish’ second time to NZ!


We’re alllllll on the same wavelength actually. Which is why this trip is gonna be super awesome with such an awesome group of peeper! So looking forward to our first travel together and get to understand you guys more. Can’t wait to ambush and prank you guys in NZ. Oops. Like if you can’t find your socks in the morning when you wake up, you can try looking in the freezer, in the car exhaust, or chew your food properly when you’re eating your breakfast.  HAHAHAHA. And of course, our mini boss will be tagging along too! (Good luck to all your ears cos she’s gonna cry and scream to fight sleep).

For all the previous years that we’ve been to NZ, we have never tried the hot air balloon. Our first year to NZ we were out shooting for Emily and Colin while our good friends Mr Scooby Loon and Mr BeefcakeRence went out hand in hand to explore the place. They even took a romantic hot air balloon ride together without us. So sad. =(

The following year when we were in NZ, we were obsessed with drinking Speights beer for Adrian and Deh Leen’s shoot so we totally forgotten about the Hot air balloon again.

Then another year we went NZ again with Mr Curry Horfun Koh. Angeline’s maniac driving scared everyone shitless while Raymond went back to Singapore for a shoot. Nobody remembered anything about the hot air balloon.


So this time round to make sure all of us remember the hot air balloon, we’re starting Operation Float Away.

Operation Float Away involves binge eating so that we’ll become round and cute like the hot air balloon. Sumore CNY is coming, best time and best excuse to eat eat eat! I bet this time round it’s gonna be soooooo successful.

One look at each other, we’ll all be reminded to take the hot air balloon ride in NZ this year. 😀

Looking a little like the garden Gnome hor? Wahahahaha~ Here’s Hot Air Balloon #2 attempting to deflate herself  by blowing her dragon’s breath onto the poor dandelion.

Hot Air Balloon #3 is the biggest cos she still has a kangaroo pouch after giving birth.


SO……………………………………… If you’re keen to do a pre-wedding shoot with us in New Zealand this coming May (end May to be specific), whatsapp our Sai Gang Warrior at Eight-138-339-Seven for more details! An all-inclusive one day bridal pre-wedding shoot starts at only SGD 2000 which already includes the photographer’s airfare and lodging. No terms and conditions attached, no joke and this is not a scam. Okay, we’ll try very hard not to steal your socks. There’s no minimum number of couples to go and you don’t have to top up anything for photos! All photos will be returned to you. You can decide what you want to do with the photos – throw darts, make into a heart shape collage, do a photo slideshow, print on bath towels or pillow case etc etc.

Okok, I cannot reveal any more details here otherwise we’ll have too many couples wanting to take this unbelievably good deal which also includes motion coverage and we’ll have to end up extending our trip for another month.

For those who are looking to do a conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot in New Zealand, we only have 1 slot available. As with all our conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot, meet up and biography is mandatory as not every couple is suitable and we are unable to take every couple who wants to do a conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot.

But kindly take note that we’re closed for the lunar new year from 27 January 2017 to 4 February 2017. Emails and enquiries will be replied only when we are back. So be patient with us while we pump ourselves with bak kwa and arrowroot chips and pineapple tarts and shrimp roll ok!!

Here’s wishing everyone a very prosperous lunar new year! Huat ah!!! 😀


Fatty Angie

F a c e b o o k
S p e c i a l   O n e s
P r o m o t i o n