Aunt Nellie – Every Photographer’s Nightmare!

When Uncle Bob is not around…….. Aunt Nellie to the rescue!!


Susu was shooting a couple’s actual day wedding ceremony. Bride was looking radiant in her beautiful white wedding gown. It was a fit and flare mermaid gown with a sweetheart neckline that really accentuates her figure and she looked just like a princess!

The tall and handsome groom was looking sharp in his deep blue suit. With a hairdo like that, he beats any Korean actor hands down.

Hand in hand, the couple walked into the ballroom for their first march-in. Everyone was cheering and clapping for them, some of the guests standing by the aisle were happily throwing flower petals.

Oh, like Uncle Bob who couldn’t be there to witness this beautiful celebration, I think you guys can’t see it from this photo too… But fret not, we have Aunt Nellie to the rescue!!

Aunt Nellie so wanted to share this beautiful sight with Uncle Bob! She mustered all her courage, stepped onto the red carpet, parked herself right in the middle of the aisle where that’s the best spot for photos, and took many many many many many shots of the couple walking in.

Susu and even our dear videographer had to give Aunt Nellie a slow clap for her courageous stunt. They even contemplated going off already since Aunt Nellie is there doing their job.

I’m sure Aunt Nellie went home with a lot of photos of the couple that night and even recounted the night’s event with Uncle Bob. I don’t know what she did with the photos afterwards (save them? delete them? print them?)… and what meaning those photos had for her. Afterall she was a friend of the couple’s parent, whom the couple probably ain’t even close to begin with.


To all couples who are gonna hold your wedding celebration soon, please get your emcee to make an announcement, put up wanted posters outside the venue, get people to catch uncle bobs and aunt nellies and tie them up, or stuff them with the entire 3/4/5 tier wedding cake. I mean it. They don’t have the right to ruin the couple’s photos like that. Furthermore the photos/videos are the only thing that records the memories of their big day. Okay!?! >:(

Oh by the way “Nellie” is not her real name. -.-”

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