Month of Madness


Month of March has been crazy. I call it the Month of Madness! Photoshoots, conceptualised pre-wedding shoots, meetings and meetings and meetings for the upcoming shoots lined up for the rest of the year. I might just limit the conceptualised pre-wedding shoots to 8 a year instead of the current 10, and also start putting a limit to the actual day wedding shoots. Rather ration the brain cells and energy so that each couple gets the attention they deserve ย than to neglect any one. Rather have a few good friends than to have a big group of hi-bye acquaintances.

In between the days, we try our best to take a breather. We even resorted to watching movies such as Spongebob (who lives in a pineapple under the sea?). Even though we’re watching a movie, technically should be something de-stressing, but instead we’re focused on studying the angles, the framing/composition, the storyline, the lighting, the execution…. Yes, even for Spongebob. Hahahaha!! 3M Scotch-Brite should just come out with a series of little spongebob sponges. Then the parents can get their kids to help them with the dishes with the cute sponges. Muwahahahaha! I wouldn’t mind buying a few! ๐Ÿ˜€

Other than movies, we also tried our hands at Bowling! Seemed like a lot of bowling establishment has closed down… Was my first time trying Bowling. It definitely requires training and practice. A lot of times the ball I threw went into the gutters, and after many games, I only managed to strike once (guess it was beginner’s luck). I’m still very amazed with Andy Varipapa! Go google his video and you’ll be amazed too! Also bowling reminded me of Jasper and Glenda, one of our cutest and sweetest couple. Glenda and her family are bowling champions!! Our jaw dropped when we saw their names appeared many many many many times on the Records score boards/plaques hung on walls of SICC (Singapore Island Country Club). Here’s two simple images photographed by Raymond on their wedding day when they had some time off for a mini photoshoot at SICC;






The special thing about this bowling arena is they had Psychedelic colors which is really cool but it’s a nightmare for photographers who doesn’t use external lights. Hehehe. Raymond had with him the Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite with him, so shooting under such lighting condition is not an issue at all for him. We still get nice natural skin tone on the couple, yet maintaining the signature bluish purple psychedelic colors of the bowling arena in the background. ๐Ÿ™‚

Other than bowling we also took time to expand our waistline by eating irregular meals at irregular hours. We binged on fresh Barachirashi at Hanare (which is also owned by Teppei Japanese Restaurant) with friends and awesome company from the staffs at Hanare. It’s a small dining establishment located at Orchid Hotel, #01-18. Environment is cosy and you feel like you’re eating with family everytime you’re there. Food is drool worthy according to feedback from ourselves and our friends. I don’t eat raw food so everytime I’ll order my Katsu Don which I like it a lot. I call it the UFO bowl because of the shape of the bowl that looks like a UFO. Hehehe. There was once when the Japanese chef surprised us with grapes and amongst the grapes he planted a Wasabi ball which you’d think is a grape if you didn’t pay much attention to it. Ended up Douglas (from XD Studios) spotted it, and we somehow played our favourite game “chut ho beh” to see who will be the one eating it. Now now… we asked the Japanese chef to join in the game, and guess who was the one who had to eat it…. It’s the Japanese chef himself!!! Muwahahahahahaha!! Was super duper hilarious and he couldn’t believe it himself too! What are the odds man when we had 7 people playing!! He was a good sport and ate the Wasabi, coughed and groaned a few times, tears almost rolled down his cheeks, but we finished the rest of our dinner in one piece. HAHAHAHA! And we were still friends (I hope. :p).


We also had an impromptu “picnic” at ECP where we bought take-away Sushi Tei and some cheap $2 oysters to binge. The oysters came in different sizes, different countries (Australia, U.S, Canada) and the bigger they are, the more pricey they get. Price range from $2 all the way to $7. They have other live seafood as well such as Alaskan Crab, Abalone, Lobster, Fishes, Prawns etc. We’ll probably get some cooked prawns from them next time cos they looked really good and fresh. A gem discovered at Geylang. If you guys have any recommendations for $2 or $1 oysters, let us know! ๐Ÿ˜€


Other than food, our naughty Mascot Bailey the Chihuahua has taken ill since 7 February 2015. He just fell sick suddenly, yelping screeching crying in pain. Couldn’t stand on his front two limbs, hunched his back. We can only hand feed him but even so whenever he tries to take a bite he will screech in pain again and feel discouraged to try. We’ve brought him to three different clinics (James Tan Veterinary, AMK Veterinary Surgery @ Mandai, Mount Pleasant @ Gelenggang). He had his spine knocked for testings, X-Rays done, CT scan done but the results were non conclusive. The medication he had didn’t work as well, so now we’re just waiting for the lab report from the spinal fluid test. It’s heart breaking to see him struggle to stand when he’s usually pouncy like a little rabbit pretending to be a lion. He used to do stretches, and use his paws to play with his food before eating them all up but now he couldn’t. He cannot even stand to pee or poo normally. We’ll have to bathe him everytime he pee or poo on himself. There was once he actually had a diarrhea, he did it on himself, struggled to stand up but couldn’t, so his whole head went down right onto the poo. We also have to put him in a sarong and wrap him around us like a baby when we’re working cos when he’s on the floor he doesn’t sleep. Guess having us close to him makes him feel more secure.


Wow such a long chunk and I haven’t even finish what I wanted to update!!! But need to go continue work already!!!


Upcoming conceptualised pre-wedding next week (really exciting), wedding shoot this Saturday and a wedding roadshow at Volkswagen Alexandra on Sunday!! Do pop by and say hi if you guys are around the area ya??


Don’t say bo jio! Muwahahahaha!



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