My best friend’s wedding

Come to think of it, I have known this crazy girl for almost 17 years!! Oh my gosh!!! And she finally got married! I was the matron of honor and it was a great honor indeed!!

Before her wedding, we met up, had a meal at Swensen’s and chit chat about the wedding. Before we met I kept bugging her to send me the wedding itinerary so that I can look through and see if I have any questions for her. I do this to our own wedding couples too. Guess it’s a habit already. :p

After that we walked around the mall cos she wanted to look for some materials to decorate the basket for the ring to be presented to the groom. It’s the Mas Kahwin thing where bride and groom have to exchange gifts in odd numbers [interestingly bride’s side have to respond with two additional gifts from whatever number of gifts given by the groom]. But we couldn’t found any, so head back home after that.

She already got her photographer from her bridal studio, so I was there in the morning just to accompany her while the mak andam work her magic, stick her hand with swarovski crystal to enhance her hand henna, carry her gown/dab her face during the outdoor shoot since the MUA didn’t follow, and also just to help out on the logistics at the banquet (but the boys did the most work). Raymond helped quite a bit at the outdoor shoot too and was there to help a bit during the celebration, and help me snap pictures with my so chui camera!


During the Nikah she was all stressed up and I was not supposed to make her laugh or do stupid things or ask her give me funny expressions, or be my usual self to say crude jokes. Hahahaha! It was a really solemn ceremony, and even Yazid was super nervous as well. But all was well! Went on with the Bersanding [the Pelamin was beautifully staged and decorated], guests had a great feast! I didn’t take note of the Bunga Telur, but heck, even if the couple didn’t have that, they’re darn fertile can? Hahahahahaha!


DuckWed26May- 134


Here’s a group photo of the girls with the princess in pink! I don’t know them except for the lady in Yellow cos she was in the same JC as me last time (different class). But thankfully we all got together well. 🙂



DuckWed26May- 132


My baju kurung is so awesome! Got it from Geylang Serai at only $68. Hahahahahahahaha!!! It was a last minute buy because I didn’t have time to prepare at all, and I figured I can’t be wearing cheongsam or anything else to a Malay wedding being the maid of honor. So I took half a day, roamed around, combed stalls after stalls and finally settled for this one. Pretty nice right? There’s even shoulder pads which I can’t remove cos it’s stitched in between the two layers of cloth. *laugh and cry*


So now besides my two Punjabi dress [one was a gift from my Indian best friend Jaya who bought it from India, and the other one by Raymond who bought it when he was in India too], I now have my own Baju Kurung! I also have two cheongsams which Raymond bought many many years back when he was in China, and also a traditional Bhutan national dress called the Kira. So cooool~


DuckWed26May- 127


Anyway, I met my secondary school classmate at the wedding too! Meet Siti Hazlin! I call her the how-er girl cos I remember there was once the teacher asked her to read a passage from the textbook for the class and she’d pronounce “Hour” as “How-er”, emphasising the “HOW” part when the H is supposed to be silent.


So when I met her at the wedding, I teased her about the hour thing again. Hahahahahaha!


DuckWed26May- 094

Just sitting nearest to the front stage in case my friend on stage needs anything. Sometimes had to stand by to receive Ang Pows and help her keep. Sometimes have to find tissue paper for her. Sometimes have to help her call her brothers/father.
The couple also allocated time for Hadang and Silat Performance, but because the MUA took quite some time, everything have to be cut short!! Real short!  I was supposed to be the final stage and I had actually prepared some stuffs for the boys already, but too bad. End up all the different stages were combined into one. Haiz! The groom had it easy!


Anyway, time flies and she’s gonna be a mother really soon once she delivers her baby this year.


Can’t wait! 😀





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