Love is…

Something that you can try to describe and explain in words, but best expressed with action, and felt using the heart. It’s about making sacrifices for one another, unconditionally giving without expecting anything at all in return.

Here’s one candid shot of Zijun and Xinhui – a really sweet and soft spoken yet fun around to be with couple. Raymond shot their conceptualised pre-wedding of the Music concept at NUS, followed by the Grow Old with You concept.

This shot is totally raw and unedited, unstaged, unplanned and unexpected. Zijun was carrying Xinhui in his arms because Xinhui previously injured her ankles and was still in the midst of recovering. Also because of their height difference, Xinhui had no choice but to wear very high heels. To walk in high heels with a bad ankle = horrible x1000 times! So Zijun being the sweet gentleman that he is, carried his bride to be on certain parts of the path where it was pretty hard to walk in.

 Raymond Phang Bridal Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

I guess sometimes besides meeting all the basic requirement of a good photograph in terms of the technicality aspect (probably composition, lighting/exposures etc), we cannot forget the reason of why we even capture that photograph in the very beginning. It is to record that moment of truth which once re-staged becomes unreal. To record the memories of something that sometimes couples who have been together for a long time will tend to overlook and take for granted. In this case, this photograph captured the journey and love shared between Zijun and Xinhui. Their little action, the sacrifice they made for each other. 🙂


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