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This is a photo of Lydia in her wedding gown, cooking some instant noodle for us while we were in Prague. You see, Lydia, Ah Loke, Raymond, Susu, Dominic and myself stayed together in the same apartment in Prague when we were there shooting Lydia and Ah Loke’s conceptualised pre-wedding. So it’s somewhat like a family. Some mornings we’ll have soups, and sometimes after shoot we’ll take turn to cook lunch or dinner.

On this particular day, we were back in the afternoon for a break after the morning session and Lydia insisted on cooking something for us. So even without removing her makeup or gown, she went straight to the kitchen and started cooking. I would say on the shoot day the bride and groom are not having an easy job either since they have to pose and run around. Imagine Lydia even had to wake up earlier to do her own hair + makeup!

We don’t always see brides in wedding gown cooking (unless it’s for a shoot but in this case it’s not). So Susu thought it’s an interesting sight and snapped a quick photo;

Prague Conceptualised Pre-Wedding Behind the Scene - 1

Such sweet memories!

Some of you with sharp eyes might recognize Lydia, she’s now one of the boss at Knot’In Pics! Feels happy to be able to keep in touch with our couples even after years. Although we don’t message or see some of our couples as often as other couples, we still do keep in touch via Facebook and some also on Instagram. It just feels comforting to know that each of them are still doing good in life, moving on, journeying together, some finally had the courage to give up their career to pursue their dreams, set up families, having one kid and another…

Years ago if you ask me which is the part I like the most on a wedding day. I’d say it’s the gatecrashing. Cos the Jiemeis get to have fun and tekan the brothers who also seemed to enjoy being tortured. Now… perspectives change with time… I realised now I have a lot of favourite parts.

I especially love the mornings where the bride’s parents and family are busy preparing themselves – combing hair, changing clothes, lighting the dragon and phoenix candles, relatives sitting around gossiping happily and teasing the bride, grandma cooking tang yuan and stuffs for her grand daughter etc, then grandma proceed to get herself ready, sheepishly smile at you when you caught her looking at herself in the mirror adjusting her hair.

The tea ceremony (where most couples will feel it’s just a formality to go through) – although some couples are not really close with some of the relatives, but for those close ones, I enjoy watching the awkward look on the couples’ faces when they address their relatives formally for the first time…. and everyone else laughing after that.

Family group photo – it’s extremely tedious to arrange for big groups of family for a family portrait. But you don’t know when you’ll ever see them again or when’s the next time you get to have a complete family photo taken where everyone is present. It’s the feeling of togetherness which I like about this part but of course candid shots are always the best. LOL!

A lot of couples nowadays are requesting to have outdoor shoot done, something like a mini pre-wedding. Yes we do, and I’m sure Raymond loves creating shots for couples too. But personally for me, those can be done anytime, before the wedding day, or even after the wedding day. So I’m more of a person where I cherish time and opportunities that doesn’t necessarily come by easily. Things that can never be repeated or recreated.

Comes to the evening banquet, I enjoy the vow exchange for couples who are having their ceremony. Especially for those who have a customised vow. And they cry halfway through cos they are reminded of the ups and downs shared together over the course of their relationship.

It’s so weird that on my wedding day, for the two march ins that I had, I didn’t feel nervous at all. Not even one bit. But when I was assisting Raymond and following the couple for their march ins, I feel this nervousness and butterflies in the stomach I don’t know why. Maybe cos I can feel the couple’s anxiety and their anxiety infected me. HAHAHAHA!!! I’m serious! Then I’d have to try and calm the couple down, remind them to take their time to walk, don’t look down on the floor else we’ll only see two black circles on a body in the photographs etc.

Some surprise performances are nice, heart warming speeches are touching.

I can’t believe I just typed a whole chunk of words…. Oooops!!

But I guess that’s the reason why we’re still doing what we’re doing after so many years. We’re still in love with the idea of family love, we cherish memories and we know that those are the only things left with us when our loved ones are no longer around. We hope more couples will feel the same way as we do, and not treat wedding photography or photographers as someone who is around just to snap some pictures.

How much do you value those pictures? Do think about it.


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