Eugene and Adeline – Bridal Photoshoot at Universal Studios Singapore

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We’re trying to make each posting on the various social media platform as unique as we can. So for now, Facebook is more on promo updates and actual day/solemnisation wedding photos. Instagram remains a mix of work and personal photo updates if you guys wanna know where are we hiding out and what are we up to recently. Weibo is an on and off update with everything in Chinese for our couples who are currently based or working in China since Facebook is pretty much inaccessible to them. Dayre… is still new to Raymond, and he will only update when he has the time. Lastly, on Twitter… it’s an even much more random updates with bits and pieces of thoughts.


As for the blog, this time round I’ll share on the behind the scenes then! πŸ˜€


So here’s one from Eugene and Adeline’s outdoor bridal pre-wedding photoshoot in Universal Studios Singapore. Of course it’s a touch challenge to shoot at a location with a truckload of people walking around and couple had to get clearance to do a photoshoot there. Β To shoot infront of this giant rotating ball with the Universal Studios Singapore logo which is sort of an iconic place there, it’s also a big headache! Cos we have a lot of people/tourists waiting to have their photos taken here as well. So we’ll have to wait for all these people to clear, cos some of them were not as cooperative to give way, so we just had to wait.. and wait… and wait. And also this ball only coughs out misty smoke from underground in intervals, so we had to spend time understanding this fella too! We had to catch the right time when the USS words is facing us, and also the right time when the rotating ball coughs!


Raymond wanted the shot to be as natural as possible, hence no additional lights was required. So while Susu was taking care of the rest of our equipment at the back, she secretly took this photo of us. The sai gang warrior standing on the left, Lester standing on the right, Raymond squatting in the middle, shooting the couple. It’s not always like this where we have our hands free from nothing to hold, so don’t judge based on this one photo alone okie. Assisting is tough job. Bleah!


Raymond Phang Photography - Behind the Scene





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