Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding Photography Ideas For Non-Traditional Couples

Weddings have gone down as strict ceremonies where couples exchange vows, smile for souvenir shots, have a good time with their loved ones, and retire at the end of the day as brand new husband and wife. While this isn’t strictly boring, there are other couples who choose to put in a little bit more of this and that into their wedding ceremony to make it truly theirs.

Thankfully with digital wedding photography, these unconventional ideas need not be impossible to carry out. In fact, non-traditional couples may be surprised to know that photographers are more than up for the challenge!

Samples Of The Most Unique Wedding Photography Ideas For Couples

What makes a wedding photography idea deviate from convention? Perhaps you and your bride or groom wearing sneakers with your wedding dress or tuxedo? Or maybe doing your post-nuptial shoot in the middle of a busy street with all the people going about their daily business? How about going to your wedding reception on horseback, or else setting off balloons right after you’ve been proclaimed husband and wife? Or for something more extreme, how about hopping onto a hot air balloon with the ‘Just Married’ sign printed on it?

Why Go For The Unconventional Wedding Photography Ideas?

The possibilities are endless! In fact, they can go as far as your imagination can! So why go for these non-traditional wedding photo ideas instead of keeping it simple? It’s all because of one thing: it is, after all, your wedding. It is you and your bride or groom’s big day, and chances are your loved ones will be more than thrilled to see you take off on a hot air balloon anyway!

It’s the beginning of your life together, and soon your photos will be the only tangible memories you will have left to share to others long after your wedding, including your children. Going for these unconventional wedding ideas has the same principle as living your life to the limit, breaking boundaries for happiness, and just being yourself!

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