Wedding Photo Ideas

Tried, Tested And Must-Try Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding Photo Ideas can range from being conservative to being wacky. Depending on the personalities of the about-to-marry couple, a wedding can be predictable or can be the surprise of a lifetime. Some are adventurous and are ready to try new things while there are also those that would want to play safe. For those who are in the look-out for some tried and tested wedding photography ideas – meaning these are the ones that have been acceptable and expected by the people – here are a few of them.

Traditional Wedding Photo Ideas

Some of the usual wedding photos are those that maximise the location. It can be against a sunset or the beach or a clear field. Other places that are considered romantic and make great background for wedding photos are gardens, church or temple or any other place of worship facade or parks.

If location is not that attractive or you are shooting in a studio, you can take advantage of doing certain poses or adapting a scenario. Examples of these are the “swooning pose” in which both the man and woman are staring close into each other’s eyes mesmerised. Another is the series of “couple shots” wherein either the man or the woman embrace the other from the back or the side.

Wedding Photo Ideas That Are Worth A Try

If you have done those mentioned above and are ready let loose in front of the lens, here are some ideas. Try to re-enact a movie scene. Because wedding photos can have concepts, there is practically no limit to what you can achieve, provided of course, you have the necessary equipment and expertise of the right photographer. Some couples do a scene from their favourite romantic movie while there are those that get from their favourite action or animated movies.

Some Wedding Photo Ideas capitalise on the visual aesthetics. It can be shot anywhere, but the framing, the digital enhancements that happen after are what is going to matter. An example of this is a shot against a chroma background. This kind of background is used so that another or various images can be put in the background as in placing the couple in front of the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty while using the same pose.

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