Useful & practical wedding Favour – Molton Brown Bath & Lotion

Today I’m sharing on something that is wedding related, but not wedding photography related. Haha! It’s…….. wedding favours! 🙂

Last weekend Raymond was shooting Derek and Chui-Ling’s actual day/customary wedding with the usual morning gatecrashing, tea ceremony, they had church, followed by the evening banquet which was held at Fullerton Hotel.

So Raymond came back after the banquet with the cameras so that we can download the files for backup, and then he left for dinner (which was already supper time by then). I browsed through the images he shot for the day and noticed there were these little Molton Brown paperbag on all the tables. Pretty interesting, first time a couple chose the Molton Brown products as wedding favour for the guests.

raymond phang actual day wedding favor molton brown
Photo Source: Angeline

Next morning when I woke up, I saw the same bag sitting on my desk. It’s a little bit crumpled but still beautiful. Raymond must have squashed the bag somehow along the way. Haha!

So I untied the ribbon and saw two little bottles of Molton Brown product inside the bag. The Molton Brown Ultrasmooth Coco De Mer body lotion in 30ml/1 fl oz, and the Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily moisture bath & shower also in 30ml/1 fl oz. So cute!! And first thought that came to my mind was to bring it for the New Zealand trip cos it’s in such a compact travel friendly size! Hahahaha!!

wedding favor molton brown-2
Photo Source:

I opened up the Gingerlily one first cos the name got me curious. Having lived in the deep mountain for so long, I didn’t know what on earth was a Gingerlily. Could it be a mixture of smell made from ginger juice and lily extract or something? So I was skeptical about it and I thought I wouldn’t like the smell. To my surprise, it smells like… mixing a red color tube of paint with white which gives you a lovely shade of pink. I mean, it’s sweet! And unique! I like it!

This little bottle of moisture bath & shower contained Tamanu nut oil which is a natural moisturiser from the island of Tahiti (reminds me of Bora Bora), and apparently it’s a tried and tested remedy used for centuries to hydrate the damaged skin. Sounds like a whole lot of goodness right? Not forgetting there’s also ingredients like ginger, cardamom, tuberose and macadamia. Sure bet it’s gonna moisturise the disgusting flaky dry skin effectively!

wedding favor molton brown-2
Photo Source:

Happily I went on to open the second bottle which was the body lotion. It smells much more like the typical body lotion – creamy, smooth and soothing. Something like drinking a cup of warm milky smooth chocolate at night and it just makes you wana fall asleep. Hahahaha. Not too bad! This little bottle contains pure Coco de Mer (which is a plant) and honey which will lock in the natural moisture of your skin and also hydrates your skin at the same time for you to have that soft, smooth skin like a baby’s backside. Hahaha!!

I scooped out a tiny portion from the Body Lotion bottle with a spatula and tested on my skin. Not greasy, I like!  I don’t really fancy lotions/moisturisers which will leave your skin feeling like glue after application. This is good enough. 🙂

Molton Brown products are made in England, and they have a whole range of products in various sizes as well.
For those interested to find out more about Molton Brown and its products, visit their website at

Special thanks to Chui Ling who insisted that Raymond bring a bag home for me, now I’m curious about the rest of the Molton Brown products. Muwahahahahaha!! 😛

I’m gonna smell so good and sweet for the first few days of the New Zealand trip, I hope the ants and bees don’t come after meeeeeee…. Hehehehe~ Thanks for reading! 🙂

Lots of Love,


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