Raymond Phang Photography goes to MacRitchie Reservoir

Apologies for the delay in blog updates. Yesterday Raymond, Susu, and I went to explore MacRitchie Reservoir as part of location scouting for an upcoming shoot which is really, really interesting! Not sure if I want to share all the juicy bits before the couple’s wedding this coming Sunday, but it’s one of the more interesting request we have received so far in so many years of our operation. 🙂


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 01

We went out about 3pm or so right after our meet up with David and Linda ended. The sky was a bit gloomy, I thought it was gonna rain. But thankfully it didn’t rain, and also thankfully it wasn’t too sunny! You know how fierce the sun can be in the afternoon especially at timings like 3pm. So… phew! 🙂


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 02

While Susu was roaming around for angles, I was looking at the water, trying to find Nemo. But instead of finding Nemo, I found Ninja Turtle!! SO CUTE!! The baby turtle kept following the bigger turtle around! Big turtle was swimming so fast ahead and baby turtle was trying very hard, swimming as fast as it could to catch up. I was totally in love with what I saw, but I didn’t bring pok chui out with me so I took a quick snap with my phone instead. 🙂


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 06

Then there was this part of the bridge/walkway where it’s a little submerged into the water and you can walk on it! That’s susu working her ass off. :p


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 08

So while Susu was busy snapping, finding her perfect angle, my eyes wandered around the area and I saw this part. The super still water surface with the gooey murky gelish sticky texture. Is this a perfect ground for mozzies to lay eggs and breed? :/


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 09

That’s studious Raymond reading a book.


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 10

Raymond pulling his invisible bow and arrow with Susu resting her feet.


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 12

Streaks of sun rays everywhere.


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 13

Life!! You know the running routes with the gravel path is all greyish and brownish, pretty much dead and mundane. I was trying to motivate myself to complete the 4km+ route by telling myself I will spot a piece of $50 note on the floor. Then I started thinking what would I do if I really spot a $50 note. Will I leave it? Will I keep it? If I keep it what would I do with it? Then I think and think, prolly donate $20 to charity, but not right too cos the money isn’t mine in the first place so everything should go to charity.

So throughout the journey my eyes was fixed on the ground, trying to scan for something that looks a little bit blue-ish.

But then again, I think and think, that’s not a good way to motivate myself because I will get too focused on looking at the small picture which in this case is the $50 note, until I neglect looking at the bigger picture, which is what this trip has to give! I might have missed out on even better things!

So I tried to see the bigger picture, and indeed I saw even more greater things. Like time spent with people whom I care about, and life! Amidst the patch of greys and browns, the sun light brought my attention to this little green plant sprouting from the ground. It’s really amazing how it managed to survive in an environment surrounded with gloomy aura. This thing that we call Life.

I don’t know about you, but this pretty much inspired me. 🙂


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 14

Then we went on further and deeper into the trail to no end where I picked up a ball of colorful flower, spotted a cow dung looking big fat millipede, and also a blue colored dragonfly. First time seeing it makes me feel a little weird cos typically the ones I see are in a more “normal” shade of color.

We also spotted monkeys (lots of them) and squirrels! No more pictures after this cos I was trying my best to conserve all my energy for the remaining journey.


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 15

The three idiots. Or three crazy monkeys. Finally completed the entire route, sitting at the bus stop waiting for bus to bring us back to MacRitchie carpark. Super exhausted from the 3+ hour walk!! Our tongue was as dry as a cat’s and we were hungry.


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 16

The sun was already setting.


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 17

And we missed our bus because nobody stood up to stop the bus. We were all sitting down. Hahaha!


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 18

So we had our dinner at FAT BOY’s! Yummy yummy burger!! It’s just a long the upper thomson area, and they have other outlets too!


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 19

I had a Southwest BBQ salad. Super yummy!


Raymond Phang MacRitchie Recce - 20

And I ordered a Whimpy burger for Raymond. Hahahahahaha! Susu had a Royale with Cheese which I didn’t snap any pictures.


All in all it was a great experience for us! We got to exercise and I managed to shed off another 500 grams or so after the event, and learnt something new. Muwahahahaha!!!

Alrighty, look out for the blog tomorrow with actual day wedding images okie?

Have a great evening! 🙂


Lots of Love,

F a c e b o o k
S p e c i a l   O n e s
P r o m o t i o n