Pre Wedding Photo Package

Pre Wedding Photo Package Checklist

Pre Wedding Photo Package ranges from studio to studio. But is this an important consideration when planning your most special day? Of course! The pre-wedding photo shoot sets the tone of your wedding. Most importantly, the photos capture the love story that led to your union. What should you consider in a pre wedding photo shoot?

Setting The Tone For A Pre Wedding Photo Package

Are you traditional? Do you want to stand out from the rest? Are you daring and provocative? Most couples prefer the traditional style but some are more daring, unique, and contemporary. The same is true for the photographers. Not all photographers are created equal. Some are more creative than the rest. Wedding photographers that specialise in journalistic photography are just some of the most creative in the industry. With an eye for detail, even a single flower on a vast empty space could convey emotion.

Choosing the right location is also crucial as it can make a big difference in telling the story. For a more traditional setting, a pre wedding photo shoot could be held at a beautiful garden or the beach with a beautiful sunrise or sunset in the background. The more daring couple could have their shoot virtually anywhere they choose. For example, a Goth couple could use an atmospheric graveyard for their background. Or a scuba diving couple could have their under the sea photo shoot with the fishes.

Pre Wedding Photo Package: Cost

Just like in other aspects of the wedding, couples have to be mindful of their budget. You wouldn’t want to scrap the wedding cake just because you went over budget with your Pre Wedding Photo Package. Remember to save cost when you can. Wear a dress you already have or do your own make up if you can. Save the big guns on your wedding day.

The most important thing to remember in your pre wedding photo shoot is to be yourselves. Let your personalities shine in your photos and you’ll surely look at these moments with fondness years and years later.

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