Kenny & Carol – Actual Day Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Everything is so chill in the office right now as I’m typing this entry. Nice rainy and cooling weather, and the party of three birdies were seeking shelter so they flew to our aircon compressor and made themselves at home with all the “chattering”. I told susu the birdies are trying to take a bath and maybe they’re trying to get her attention because they need to borrow some soap and shampoo. Who knows she lifted the window blind and the party ended. Birdies flew away. -_-”

Leonard and Rachel came by our place and bought us some fried munchies like the goreng pisang, fried tapioca/sweet potato, and a third one which I couldn’t really make out. But it’s all nice and yummy, it filled my tummy! Thanks for the treat! 🙂

So with the energy boost, today I’ll be sharing more of our Actual Day Wedding Photography works. I think I still have a looooooooooooooooooooooooooot of backlogs to share, so hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be done sharing most of them. 🙂

But sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself here in this cold dusty blog space. Self entertainment to the max. I’m sure most of the time my shadow is very tickled by what I write. Muwahahahaha! -_-”

Oh well, it’s all your fault for not leaving any feedback or comments. Sometimes I show the gatecrashing part, sometimes I totally skip that part. Sometimes I show the makeup and getting ready, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I don’t even share the wedding gown. That’s because nobody told me what are the things they would like to see in general besides the photographer’s style of shooting. :/

If you have any special request, or if it is not too much of a trouble, drop us an email to contactme @ and share with us what are the things you are looking for in a Photographer, especially a wedding photographer for your own wedding okie? Thank you very much for your time. Your feedback is very much appreciated! 🙂

For now let me take you through this very quick set of wedding images from Kenny and Carol’s actual day wedding;


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK01

Did I already mentioned it’s a wedding?



Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK02

Most of the time we see red colored heels, white colored heels, or maybe ivory/cream/peach colored heels. Seeing a blue one for the first time was something refreshing to me. I kinda like it too. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK03

I think my parent’s wedding pictures looked similar to the one hanging on the wall in this picture!!



Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK04

Most of the weddings we have shot so far had gatecrashing as part of the wedding celebration. Kenny and Carol’s wasn’t an exception. But the sisters super effort, printed out stickers and banners and all with Kenny and Carol’s name and even bothered to decorate till so nicely. I guess what they say is true. The presentation of the dish must look appealing, otherwise people might rate the dish 70 points when the dish itself is so yummy it actually deserved 80 points.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK05

Brother brother, so kind of you to water the grass downstairs! Muwahahahaha!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK06

Just looking at the bread makes me hungry… It reminds me of the french toast with butter and honey maple syrup. The pipping hot and crispy bread fresh from the oven toaster and the slab of butter melts instantaneously in deep embrace like how a pair of long lost lovers wrap their arms around each other’s body when they finally meet. The honey maple syrup would be a bonus… It’s like the perfect pair of sparkling diamond earrings to complete your outfit or the sweet scent of perfume with notes of cherry blossom and pink roses. O_O!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK07

Ok maybe that was a little too much. Hehehe..


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK08

Raymond Phang’s signature motion car shot!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK09

Mr Bean’s brown bear. Everyone love Mr Bean. Everyone love Mr Bean’s brown bear.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK10

Vespa! So cute!!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK11

How about a quick lovey dovey picture? Would you fancy having a picture like this taken on your wedding day? 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK12

More details~ 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK13

Sometimes we need to pay attention to the groom too. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK14

The couple had their wedding at Fullerton Hotel, with a smaller ballroom for a smaller intimate wedding. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK15

Molton Brown wedding favour, with a gift tag of the couple’s name. 🙂
Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK25

So during their march in, they had people shooting confetti all over. It was like having a rainbow shower. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK16

This must be a nightmare for the Hotel staff because they have to spend time cleaning up the whole place after the banquet, but an adult’s nightmare can be a kid’s paradise!  🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK17



Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK18

And more kids. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK19

And even more kids! Boy boy must be frustrated with Raymond for taking pictures of him eating.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK20

No rowdy yum seng, something subtle. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK21

Do you like this image? 🙂



Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK22

What is it that you’re eating??? Looks good hoh!!!! Oishii!!

Hehehehe… no la… it’s the same as what you’re having on your plate… chilli sauce… hehehe…


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK23

Happy faces! 😀


Raymond Phang Actual Day - CK24

Touching moment. 🙂


Some couples prefer a big bang wedding, loud and ra ra. Some couples prefer a different kind of big bang wedding, low profile yet super duper posh and grand. Even the silverware and porcelain looks so good that you feel like eating it. Some couples would vote for an intimate wedding anytime. Short and sweet, with people who matters in their life. What about you? What’s your idea of a perfect wedding? 🙂


Lots of Love,

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