Junrong & Katharine – Actual Day Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Oh wow, hello Monday! How did you spend your weekend? Mine was busy busy busy! Met up with a few couples on Saturday and Raymond had to rush out for shoot. Sunday was supposed to be family day but we met up with another couple enquiring for engagement photoshoot. We didn’t have time to smell the flowers and now the weekday is here. So unfairrrrrr. But thankfully we had a great time catching up with the couples! So i guess that kinda make up for the bit of unfairness. :p

Human beings are naturally curious, so sometimes when we meet up with new couples, we tend to ask them how did the groom-to-be proposed or how do they usually spend their weekend. Most of the replies we’ve gotten so far are answers like “don’t know, nothing much”, “stay in watch tv, surf net and sleep” or “too tired to go anywhere, stay home and nua”. But during their courtship days things were quite different. They can go cycling, go fly kite, go on short trips, watch movies, visit museums and stuffs like that. Let’s just take it that work has taken a toll on them, and not because they’ve been in a relationship for so long, everything has become so mundane and expected. In another words, they’ve taken the relationship and comfort for granted. I believe many of us are guilty of that, just that we may or may not have noticed it. If things continue moving towards that direction, it can be quite dangerous.

So how about this, plan something to do with your partner or even your family for this coming weekend. Bring them to a new eatery, try a different cuisine that you’ve never tried before. BBQ at the east coast park, watch a new movie together, prepare a picnic basket and hunt for a perfect spot to watch the fireworks, bake or cook or paint something together! Most likely you’ll say no energy, too tired, no time. But if you don’t even have the heart to want to do this, then you’ll forever be stuck there and never start doing anything. They say relationship or marriage is like building a home. You put deliberate plans in place and pursue the construction. I’m sure most couples have experienced headaches with contractors when it comes to renovating your own houses, so you’ll understand how much effort you had to put in to make sure everything turns out the way you want it to be. Effort, my friend. Effort. 🙂


Enough preaching on a Monday morning, let’s enjoy some photos from Junrong and Katharine’s actual day wedding! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ01

Katharine’s hair and makeup was very well taken care of by Cleo Chang. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ02

Cleo made Katharine look like a sweet princess, and everyone wanted a picture of her to use as their handphone wallpaper. :p


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ03

All nicely made up and waiting for her white horse prince.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ04

Is a kiss gonna make this little toadie froggie turn into a Prince?


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ05

Ah, luckily Junrong was a good boy, he didn’t make any enemies nor incur any wrath of evil witches, so nobody turned him into a frog!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ06

The brothers all turned up in pretty outfit to suit the Red Indian and Cowboy theme. Poor cowboys were made to kiss each other as part of the gatecrashing. -_-”


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ07

I have this Coca Cola bottle at home! The red indians poured a lot of different liquids into the giant coke bottle. Vinegar, soy sauce and what not. Then the red indians put in long long tubes and the cowboys had to use it as straws to drink the disgusting mixture.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ08

Junrong very gungho, to express his sincerity, he says NO NEED! I drink everything myself!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ09

But the cowboys are like one for all, all for one. So everybody drank the mixture together.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ10

I think the mixture must have tasted yummy. :p


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ11

So yummy that the cowboys willingly gave ang pow to the red indians! But where got so easy get the bride one…. So the red indians continued with the games to torture the cowboys. I’m sure kenny from Alvinadeline weddings had a great time filming all these. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ12

Here comes the froggie toad! EEEEEEWWWW!!! I know I’m not supposed to say the froggie toad is ugly because that can hurt the froggie toad’s feelings. But… it just gives me the goosebumps. Luckily the brothers are okay with froggie toad else they’ll never get the key to enter the house.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ13

So happy!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ14

Katharine finally got to see her white horse prince, and she was so happy!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ15


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ16

Raymond Phang’s signature motion car shot. The couple decide to use their very own car instead of renting a car. I find it more meaningful too. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ17

How about some wacky group photo of the bridal party?


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ18

Or would you prefer this version? 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ19

The celebration continued at Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, where they had their wedding banquet at the Vanda Ballroom. This is an overview of the hotel and the cocktail reception area.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ20

The interior of the ballroom and also some detail shots of the wedding cake and table number holder.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ21

Wedding favour from Marina Mandarin Hotel.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ22

Couple having a good time mingling with guests at the cocktail reception.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ23

They also had a Photobooth set up for guests who want to bring home a little something from the wedding. The Safari Photobooth is set up by Palette Pictures.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ24

A quick shot of the couple getting ready for their march-in. This image got us the Second Place in the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) contest under the Silhouttes and Shadows category. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ25

Here they come.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ26


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ27

Couple’s second march in to the song Say You Say Me by Lionel Richie.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ28

Of course they had the champagne popping and the yum seng, but I’m skipping all those to come to the happy faces! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ30


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ31

It’s like those candid reality show Gotcha or Smile, you’re on candid camera. Teeheehee. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ32

I think they’re both Chinese physicians. Checking out each other’s tongue. At such close proximity. *coughs* :p


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ29

Want me shoot all of you ah? Don’t want, I rather shoot myself!
Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ33

At the send off… oh well, things got to end somehow someway, but at weddings…. most of the time it’s happy ending! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - KJ34

Raymond caught this picture frame hanging on the wall at Katharine’s place. I love it. Reserved for our future together. So sweeeeeeeeet!! 😀


Thank you for supporting us all these while, even way before we shot your wedding, and even until today! Hope you guys will feel inspired by Marcus, Wenxin and their cutie pie Baby Elisa to start your very own family soon. Hehehehe. Keep the fire burning and the party goiiiiiing! 😀


Lots of Love,


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