James & Serena – Actual Day Wedding by Raymond Phang

Heyo guys! Hope you enjoyed the mini break over the National Day public Holiday. Most people whom I know actually took a day’s off work on Friday so they get to enjoy a long weekend break (Thursday to Sunday). Are you one of them too? Kekeke.

I’m so looking forward to Curry for dinner tonight as I’m typing this entry. My mum’s cooking, and the curry is a special request by me cos it’s been too long since I last ate at my mum’s. The sky don’t look too good now and I think it’s threatening to rain pretty soon. There goes my plan of scooting to the MRT station on my awesome kick scooter which I bought from a store in New Zealand.

Anyway, we had quite an adventure over the weekend with a couple of photoshoots! Friday was meet ups, Saturday was spent shooting fresh florals, Leica / Ferrari, and also floral arrangements for bridal car. Then we spent the rest of the night with our hearts almost in our mouth, nervous and worried for Sunday’s shoot.

Sunday shoot was something really special. It’s a couple’s special R2 – Run and ROM! That was what our MacRitchie recce was for. The couple actually ran all the way from MacRitchie through the foresty trails, and along the upper thomson road to Thomson Plaza where they had their ROM at Peach Garden Restaurant!! Glad everything went on well! Will share some of the images when it’s ready. 🙂

For now, here’s something from James and Serena’s actual day wedding! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S01

Here’s Serena having her hair and make up done.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S02

Raymond is always pushing himself to try something different for every shoot that he goes to. And here’s something different, and highly dangerous – hanging the bride’s wedding gown on pole, outside the house. Yeah, I’m sure a lot of questions will pop out from your brain – what if the pole gave way and the gown drop to the ground and get dirtied? What if some birds happen to fly across the sky and drop their shit bullets on the gown? What if some inconsiderate neighbours living upstairs decide to pour curry out the window?

Oh well, Raymond is very much a risk taker, and very spontaneous by nature. He believes in no pain no gain, never try never know. That’s just the way he rolls. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S03


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S04

At the end of the wedding gown shoot, nothing bad happened, and Serena managed to slip into her beautiful wedding gown once she’s done with her make up. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S05

James and the brothers + sisters trying their hands at the gatecrashing. They paid money for breakfast which is a bottle of coca cola and bag of mini bitter gourd.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S06

After James finally got the bride, they went off to the Groom’s place for tea ceremony. Along the way Raymond spotted curious neighbour peeping at the couple. They must have found the gatecrashing and the whole Chinese wedding ceremony very interesting since it’s a different culture altogether. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S07

One of the traditional customary practice is to shield the bride with the Red umbrella. Some weddings we’ll also see relative or parents throwing rice grains, red beans or green beans over the bride’s head too. There are a few meaning to the shielding of bride with the red umbrella; to protect the bride and ward off the evil spirit, and some I heard is to symbolise the bride bringing many descendents to the groom’s family. All in all, I guess it just means auspicious. Haha. -_-”


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S08

Details, little details. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S09

Raymond’s signature motion wedding car shots… passing by the News Centre. Hahaha~


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S10

Did I mention that Serena’s traditional kwa is really, really exquisite and pretty??


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S11

Relatives looking at pictures on their camera. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S12
So cool~~~


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S13

It fits her perfectly, the colour is really vibrant, embroidery workmanship is immaculate, the dragon and phoenix looks really alive. I guess that’s some of the few requirements for a good kwa.

I have this thing against wearing the traditional kwa because I have seen a lot of kwas which are really dull/lifeless and unflattering, it makes the bride looks like her size is on the plump side which in actual fact the bride has a really good figure! If you want to wear a traditional kwa on your wedding day, please make sure it’s really tailored to your body and flatters you very well okie? 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S14

Getting ready for the evening banquet where James and Serena had their solemnisation ceremony before the start of the banquet with Brother Emmanuel as the solemniser / JP. But I’m skipping that part right down to the banquet itself. 😛


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S15

Guess where’s this place! Most of the brides have really sharp eyes. That’s something I noticed at the meet ups. They can just point out to you where is this ballroom for all the different weddings that we share with them. Hahahaha! That’s the result of doing all the wedding preparation work! *clap clap* The groom will be the one asking questions like where is this place? 😛


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S16

Wedding favour and wedding cake at… MANDARIN ORIENTAL HOTEL SINGAPORE! I still love the food there man… Solid! OH! And if you’re holding your wedding at Mandarin Oriental, you gotta look for Bethany!! She’s a damn awesome coordinator!! I don’t know if I’m doing her good or bad by constantly recommending her cos she’s flocked with weddings, but a good service really deserves all the recommendation!


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S17

Having kids as your pageboy and flower girl can really melt the guests’ hearts… cos they’re so cute! But do be selective cos you might not want them to start throwing tantrums and cry non stop before the march in or halfway through the march in. There’s one wedding which we did was really memorable. Before the start of the march in, when the door opened, the pageboy started throwing all the petals where he was standing. He did not walk, he just stood there throwing all the petals in the air happily. The next thing he did, he started rolling on the floor where all the petals were scattered and giggled to himself. The couple was really amused by it and even had to help the pageboy up. Can never forget that scene… 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S18



Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S19

Time for couple’s wedding speech, and here’s James with his tongue sticking out like this –> :p


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S20

I guess he did well.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S21

Now it’s time for guests to enjoy themselves!


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S22

Usually we see guests trying to make the couple drink… but this was different. I see a bit of myself in what Serena was doing in this picture… Hahahahahaha!! :p


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S23

More drinking and more happy faces!


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S24

Don’t you feel happy when you know that your guests are enjoying themselves at your wedding?


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S25

Sorry baby, no alcohol for you. Alcohol is bad for your liver. Milk is good for your bones. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S26

That’s how a group hug looks like.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S27

That’s how a brother brother hug looks like. With a lot of words hidden in the heart din say out cos guys are like that. So it’s all expressed out with a firm hug.


Raymond Phang Actual Day Wedding - J&S28

And this is how a loving loving hug looks like. More girly, more soft, more like a sayang, you don’t have to tell me anything but I know what you want to say.


There’s just something about hugs which I shall not dwell into that for now, but prolly another entry on that next time. Hahaha! Till the next! 🙂


Lots of Love,


by Raymond Phang Photography

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