Food Photography Idea

Coming Up With A Good Food Photography Idea

It is always a joy to eat scrumptious food. But how do you translate this into pictures? How do you make sure that your photo looks as good, or even better, as the real thing? This is the main concern of the food photographers all over that not all of us can achieve. A great food shot may come from a solid photography experience, digital enhancement prowess, or just a simple yet effective Food Photography Idea.

Food Photography Idea: Get Off The Plate

When doing food photo shoots, remember that it is not only about the food. It is also about creating the mood. Include in your itinerary the kitchen or even the marketplace. Looking at how a particular food is processed from the market to the kitchen to the dining place is all part of the whole Food Photography Idea.

Get shots while the vegetables are being peeled or while the soup is still boiling in the casserole. Do a montage of how a fruit transforms or changes colour from the time it reaches the kitchen until it is on the plate.

Visually Arresting Food Photography Idea

Food comes alive when vivid with colours. And when it comes to taking pictures of food, you should be generous with that. There are times that a very colourful shot all coming together from different directions might work. There are also times that simple contrasts would be fine. Imagine putting red spoons on pale-coloured soups. How about using plates, saucers or knives with intricate designs or colours just to complement the food? Other times, simplicity is the key. A clean white plate with colourful garnishing would do the trick.

Another way to enhance your food shots is to use natural lighting. Lighting that comes from the kitchen window may give more radiance and justice to the appearance of the food than any other artificial lighting can. Plus it may give an ambience that cannot be found in carefully crafted studio shot.

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