Daryl & Tann-Ling: Actual Day Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Here’s a full set of selected wedding images to share from Daryl & Tann-Ling’s wedding, which was the last wedding we shot before the start of the lunar new year 2012. 🙂



RaymondPhangPhotography - 001
Raymond arrived at about 6.45am when the sky was still dark and blue.


RaymondPhangPhotography - 002
Tann-Ling’s wedding gown for the day.
RaymondPhangPhotography - 003
One of the special crew of the day – Hairstylist Daryl.


RaymondPhangPhotography - 005
And Makeup stylist TG, with Christopher Tay from Ichirofilms on the left working on his Cinematography.


RaymondPhangPhotography - 006
A yummilicious pair of Louboutin. I very much prefer slingback heels because they tend to create this illusion to make your legs look longer. Especially useful if you’re wearing short dresses or skirts. 🙂


RaymondPhangPhotography - 010


RaymondPhangPhotography - 011
Here’s the gorgeous bride Tann-Ling.


RaymondPhangPhotography - 015


RaymondPhangPhotography - 016
In anticipation.


RaymondPhangPhotography - 017
While all is filled with a mix of excitement and laughter in the Bride’s room watching the happenings at the gatecrashing through Facetime, it’s a total mayhem outside with the brothers being tortured during the gatecrashing.
RaymondPhangPhotography - 019
The brothers had to do push up on top of another brother, biting a cookie in their mouth, dipped with a yucky sticky gooey liquid.
RaymondPhangPhotography - 020
Ooops! Ray fell into the pool with Melina laughing at the back!!! Melina, Y u no help?? Muwahahahahaha!


RaymondPhangPhotography - 024
YES THIS IS GROSS!!! Even the groom (on the right image) agrees! Stephen’s whole face was dipped in melted ice cream mixed with chilli flakes and pepper!! Daryl must have accummulated quite a lot of good karma to deserve a gungho brother like Stephen. Now he looked like the brown version of the Swamp Thing! O_O”!
RaymondPhangPhotography - 027
I’ll spare you guys the details (hugs & kisses after Daryl completed the games and finally got to his bride).


RaymondPhangPhotography - 028
Beautiful hand bouquet, wrist corsages, bridal car and banquet floral decors from Outofstalk.
RaymondPhangPhotography - 029
Love this image of Tann-Ling with Miko the snowy doggy! 🙂
RaymondPhangPhotography - 030
Tann-Ling was sharing with us that her mummy actually put in a lot of tender loving care to maintain and beautify this garden, so I guess this image of the newly wed with the garden will make her mummy really happy. 🙂


RaymondPhangPhotography - 031


RaymondPhangPhotography - 032
I just love how the colors and everything fall in place nicely.
RaymondPhangPhotography - 033
In a mummy’s eyes no matter whether you’re 15 years old or 45, you’ll always be her precious baby.


RaymondPhangPhotography - 036
RaymondPhangPhotography - 037
RaymondPhangPhotography - 039
Daryl and Tann-Ling had their solemnisation ceremony before the start of the dinner banquet which was held at Four Seasons Hotel.


RaymondPhangPhotography - 040
Absolut Vodka for you, Sir? I cannot imagine having this at my own wedding. Maybe I’ll have plastic bags as wedding favour for my guests  instead… so that they can half drink half puke at the wedding. Muwahahahaha~


RaymondPhangPhotography - 043
I had a hard time googling for this pair of cutsie plush! They are called the Kapibara-san, which is a character created by Banpresto. 🙂
The couple placed this at the reception table alongside the ang pow box and guest book.
RaymondPhangPhotography - 044
Ballroom set up at Four Seasons Hotel.
RaymondPhangPhotography - 045
The wedding cake.
RaymondPhangPhotography - 046
Centrepiece foral arrangement by Outofstalk.
RaymondPhangPhotography - 048
If you guys haven’t already known, Tann-Ling is a capable woman who owns a bridal boutique (The Prelude Bridal), bringing in selected bridal gown designers from overseas such as David Fielden, Amanda Wakeley, Junko Yoshioka, and recently she’s bringing in bridesmaid dresses by Monique Lhuillier!


All these fantastic designers have their own unique fashion foresight when it comes to designing the bridal gown. If you’re looking for something different, do drop by The Prelude Bridal which is conveniently located at 21A Duxton Hill. If this David Fielden piece that Tann-Ling is wearing in this image appeals to you, you’ll love the selections there as much as I do! 🙂


RaymondPhangPhotography - 053
RaymondPhangPhotography - 055
RaymondPhangPhotography - 057
Getting ready for the second change.


RaymondPhangPhotography - 058


RaymondPhangPhotography - 059
Something red, something bold.


RaymondPhangPhotography - 062
With heartfelt speech comes emotion.


RaymondPhangPhotography - 065


RaymondPhangPhotography - 063
And here’s a happy image to end this post.


Hope you guys enjoy this series as much as I do! 🙂


Lots of Love,

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