Child Photography Singapore

Working With A Child: How To Do Child Photography Singapore

One of the challenges of photography is being able to connect with your subject. Of course, it’s going be hard to squeeze a nice smile from your subject especially when you’ve started off on the wrong foot with them. Moreover, working with an adult for adult photography already presents itself as a challenge, with their inhibitions and pride—what more if you’re working with kids who may be hard to talk to?

While photographers could definitely cheat on the outcome of a child’s photograph by putting in effects or editing it, there still lies a problem: the camera is sure to pick up on the emotions of the child in the photograph. This is why doing child photography requires certain skills, if not the ability to charm children for the very least.

A Quick Background: Child Photography Singapore

Many photographers would agree that the trick to shooting a great photograph is understanding not just your audience but your subject. Kids are a stubborn and energy-filled bunch, and if you can’t keep up with them then you’re in no place to even become a photographer. So take advantage of kids’ qualities! Kids are notorious for being curious and tinkering with stuff, so how about getting their confidence by showing them your wares? Showing them how interesting your equipments are and how they work can pique their interest and eliminate their fear of the camera, and it gives you an upper hand since you, the photographer, owns the equipment. You’ll be able to earn their trust and attention.

Next, work with the natural environment of the child. Work with them while they are in their space or element—don’t force them into smiling. Let them relax at the studio for a while and start shooting when they’re busy with something. The best photographs are products of spontaneity.

Child Photography Singapore: Where To Find A Photographer

Finding a reputable child photographer would be quite a challenge for parents, although it shouldn’t be. Many photographers have set up their portfolios online. If you want to know which photographer is credible enough to take your child’s photo, then work through their websites and check out their sample works. Some research early in time would help.

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