Award Winning Photographer Singapore

Award Winning Photographer Singapore: Raymond Phang

If you turn to the web while doing your research, you’re most likely to stumble upon the name of Raymond Phang as you try to find an exceptional lensman by typing in relevant keywords including “Award Winning Photographer Singapore“. A growing number of satisfied clients are vocal about their praises for this man who combines talent with professionalism in delivering beyond exacting expectations.

Working With An Award Winning Photographer Singapore

Choosing an award winning photographer already does half the job for you because when you think about it, this person’s notable abilities and capabilities are acknowledged by his peers and by organisations composed of people with relevant knowledge and experience in the craft he strives to perfect. To say that his works are above average is not an empty claim. Paying for his services is equivalent to a guarantee that you are going to keep stunning, tangible memories for a lifetime.

The Validation Of An Award Winning Photographer Singapore

Most recently, seven out of ten of his prints which were included in last year’s WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) Award of Excellence 16″ x 20″ Print Competition, were given the Accolade of Excellence. His works bested several creative renditions of talented photographers as they prove to be especially remarkable based on tough criteria that encompasses concept, technicality, print quality, details and colours accuracy.

The UK’s esteemed Master Photographers Association granted 16 merit prizes to Raymond Phang’s works during the Master Photography Awards of 2010. In 2009, Raymond received a Licentiate Master Photographer title from the same prestigious organisation of professional photographers. A year before that, he was honoured with the Singapore Young Photographer Award as a merit winner.

The year 2010 proved to be very rewarding for Raymond as not only did he earned international photography awards from the Master Photography Association but he similarly received recognition from the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (AG|WPJA) as the first place winner of the AG|WPJA 2010 in the Dancing category. Such category is meant to capture images from the dance floor that depict the mood of a certain moment beginning from the first dance until the end of the wedding celebration. He also bagged the first place plum in the Ceremony category of the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) contest and took home the ASEAN Young Photographers’ Award in the same year.

These are but a few of the many awards he received but they nonetheless serve as ample proofs of his notable talent that even the most respected photographers the world over can’t ignore.

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