Ah Loke & Lydia – Actual Day Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Aloha aloha!! 🙂

Back with more updates! Hopefully we can keep the pace up and running again! It’s like training for IPPT or long distance running or something. You just have to start slow and stay consistent! But if you never start or don’t even have the thought to start at all, then you’re gonna be so dead meat. Say hello to lots and lots of RT. Muwahahahaha!!

Anyway here’s a set from Ah Loke and Lydia’s actual day wedding! The only couple whom we have shot a pre-wedding in Prague so far, and most likely we’d like to stay that way. Prague is a beautiful place and holds a special significance to the couple, especially the Charles Bridge (Karlův most). But I guess I’ll just leave the story telling for next time if I’m gonna share about their pre-wedding photos. Hehe. For now, just enjoy this set photographed by Raymond on the actual day wedding okie? 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA02

Lydia’s super duper hardworking sister – Diana! Still studying in the morning because apparently she was supposed to have her exams on the same day. She recently graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic Accountancy with a Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal, diploma with Merit, Gold certificate of Achievement in CCA! Such a super awesome fine lady, and she definitely brought honor to her family. 🙂



Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA01

While meimei was busy studying, here’s Lydia the bride and her sisters busy getting ready. Her hair and make up is done by Sanlia. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA03


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA04

You ah you ah, don’t eat the orange okie!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA05

Here comes the happy groom and his happy brothers!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA06

I mean… sisters!! Muwahahahaha! So pretty with makeup like the electrifying blue eyeshadow and red hot lipsticks!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA07

Lydia was able to witness the entire gatecrashing process all thanks to technology. So they switched on the Wifi and Facetime!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA08

Ah ha ha ha, hi darling honey pie, I will do everything your dearest sisters ask me to do okie? Ask me eat roasted drumstick I eat, ask me don’t give ang pow I don’t give. I love you my darling honey sugar baby pie. Ah ha ha ha!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA09

And so the sisters prepared a MEGA sandwich with noodles, chilli and all sorts of food inside. -_-”


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA10

Declaration of Loveeeee..


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA11

Ah Loke so cute, he even drew a little turtle thingy besides his signature. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA12


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA13

Sharing a moment. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA14

Motion car shoot.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA15

Raymond love this image, and another one where Lydia’s mouth was much more twisted. 😛


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA16

So sweet! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA17

Moving on to the banquet venue which was held at Mandarin Oriental Singapore, here’s the reception area with jars of treats for the guests.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA18

A wishing tree where guests can write their well wishes and hang them up. Susu and I wrote something too! Hiak hiak hiak hiak. Ah Loke and Lydia’s wedding was the only wedding of our many couples which Susu and I actually attended. It’s not everytime we get invited to our couple’s wedding, and to those who invited us, we feel really honored! But sometimes we really need to stay back and make sure everything is backed up properly first so that whoever is continuing with the shooting can have a piece of mind. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA19

Happy faces at the cocktail reception. So nice to see people enjoying themselves! 🙂



Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA20

So besides the candy bar and wishing tree, the couple also have a Photobooth and instant printout service by KnOt’ in Pics!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA21

How about a dance in!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA22

Followed by the couple’s march in.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA23

Instead of closing off the solemnisation ceremony to only relatives and close friends, they had their solemnisation ceremony infront of all the guests who attended the wedding! I guess everyone who attended meant a lot to them! Including Susu and myself… *Thick Skin*… Muwahahahaha!! 😛


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA24

Specially custom made wedding ring. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA25

And the Justice of Peace (Solemnizer) Mr Alex Tan was so funny!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA26

More pictures of happy guests. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA27

OoOoOohh… what are they doing?? 😛


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA28

Here comes their very own dance in!! Which kinda caught me by surprise since the first one already had a dance although not by them personally. So they danced around the banquet ballroom, from back to front, and then circling random tables, and back again. Everyone was clapping to the rhythm and enjoying themselves. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA29

So right after the dance segment, the couple exit to change for the formal evening attire which is a lovely dress with mermaid cutting to accentuate the figure.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA30



Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA31

Followed by a  heartfelt thank you speech by the couple. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA32

Presentation of gifts to the mummies. Bouquet of flower, and a jersey with the word MUM at the back of the jersey. Teeheehee. Daddy don’t fancy flowers, so I guess a hug will do. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA33

Next up, the groom prepared a surprise segment for his honey pie too!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA34

That’s Ah Loke with a Ukelele! Singing a song by Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA35

Which tickled everyone. Seriously, you have to be there to feel it!!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA36

Although Ah Loke didn’t sing as well as Bruno Mars or Jacky Cheung, but it’s the thought that counts, and the action which speaks louder than words. Lydia was soooooo touched! And the emotions were really contagious. I believe everyone present at the wedding celebration felt it too. 🙂



Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA37

For the rest of the live music entertainment, let’s just leave it to the professional. Hehehe.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA38

Guess who Raymond spotted. Sleeping “Beauty”, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA39

Love the group photos of this kind. Muwahahahaha!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA40

And a must have mini YUUUUUM SENG!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA41

Captions please? 😛


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA42

It’s time for farewell, and everyone went home with smiles on their faces. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA43

HOR HOR! Susu you hug Ah Loke!! 😛


Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA44

Okie, here’s a heartfelt one. 🙂



Raymond Phang Actual Day - LA45

A photo that we took for the couple in Prague for their pre-wedding. All nicely framed up. 🙂


I know, time flies. Another 2 more months and it’ll be their 1 year wedding anniversary. Knowing them has been a great joy. They have brought so much happiness to our life as a client, as a friend. From Lydia’s first solo visit to our place in SOHO in the evening with this round shaped colored wafer biscuit in pink/yellow/green, to the yogurette chocolates and dinner with ah loke, our exciting and never again eat chicken day at SOHO where Susu had to munch all the cucumbers, to freezing our asses off in Prague and the wedding itself and many more… to seeing how much Lydia grew in her Faith in Christianity, baptism, church camp, testimonial and all, to how she ended a chapter of her life flying and now focusing on bringing joy with her new business venture, I think it’s a real privilege that we were and are still part of their life. 🙂

Now we’re all looking forward to the day where they become parents! Must be really interesting… hehehehe. 🙂

Huat ah!! 🙂


Lots of Love,


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