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Pre Wedding Photoshoot Package

Selecting A Pre Wedding Photoshoot Package Planning a wedding can be a very demanding task. This includes making decisions regarding the minute details including the Pre Wedding Photoshoot Package. If you are still unsure regarding the package and the inclusions to choose, then you will need a step by step guide. This will allow you […]

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Family Photo Shoot

Family Photo Shoot Radiates The Real Essence Of Family One of the things that a photographer does during a Family Photo Shoot session is to fit as much people into the frame as possible. This isn’t just because everyone needs to be present in a family picture. Rather, it is ultimately because the physical closeness […]

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Food Photographer In Singapore

The Challenges Of A Food Photographer In Singapore Being a Food Photographer In Singapore is a cool, exciting but nonetheless challenging job. It requires one to not only have the expensive tools of the trade but to also possess a kind of talent, skills and creativity that would enable him or her to at least […]

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When the Boss is away, Angeline gives 25% OFF!!

Last week I did a promo on Facebook when Raymond was away in Reservist; Go reservist also have to go in with style. Carry handbags, dress and hat. Hahaha!! He’ll be in for bout 2 weeks, and I was the King and the Boss! For awhile! 🙂         So everyone in the office […]

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