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Iwan & Bernice – Actual Day Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

Didn’t expect we’ll be back so quick with another update riiiiiight. Muwahahahaha! It’s like when it’s quiet here at our blog, it can be really quiet. I was actually missing all our couples, so my pip pop pip pop ask my brain to open up the Weddings folder. And so I did, and I spent […]

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Event Photographer Singapore

Event Photographer Singapore: The Professional Approach In Looking Through The Lens Event photography is one of the most lucrative yet the most demanding fields of photography. While the common belief is that event photography is a soft option and that it is a job that can be done part time to earn extra cash, the […]

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Derek & Chui Ling – Actual Day Wedding Photography by Raymond Phang

The other time I was sharing about Molton Brown as a practical and useful wedding favour, today I’m finally sharing some pictures taken by Raymond Phang on Derek and Chui Ling’s actual day wedding. I’ve heard of Molton Brown previously, but it’s only through Derek and Chui Ling that I got to try the Molton […]

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Random ramblings on wedding planning and budgeting

We actually kept this under wrap very very well, but for people who don’t know, Raymond and I are getting married next year, and we we have about 5-6 months to go before our big day! *hyperventilate* We feel excited, nervous, happy, stressed, helpless, frustrated and a whole lot of other emotions at the same […]

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Family Photographer Singapore

Family Photographer Singapore: Transforming Mundane Photos To Works Of Art Taking family portraits is simple and easy, what is difficult is to capture the subject in a captivating and interesting light. While everybody wants to take amazing photographs and to emphasise their subjects in the best light, one must realise that this endeavour is often […]

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