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Angeline’s take on the Airshow 2012

Singapore Airshow 2012 is one of the biggest event in Singapore, how can I miss it! Most of my friends (Photographers and non photographers) have been posting images they took at the Airshow, so I decided to share some pictures of my very own airshow too! 🙂 Here you go; My airshow also got smoke, […]

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Actual Day Photographers Singapore

What To Expect From Actual Day Photographers Singapore Weddings The Actual Day Photographers Singapore weddings offer services that are at par with actual day photographers in other parts of the world. As the position title suggests, these photographers are for the actual wedding day only. They are different from wedding photographers that are hired for […]

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Wedding Photo Ideas

Tried, Tested And Must-Try Wedding Photo Ideas Wedding Photo Ideas can range from being conservative to being wacky. Depending on the personalities of the about-to-marry couple, a wedding can be predictable or can be the surprise of a lifetime. Some are adventurous and are ready to try new things while there are also those that […]

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Melina + Boat :: Solemnization Photography by Ben Chan

I am very much a Night person, a nocturnal creature because I love the peace at night. Although we all have 24 hours a day, somehow it seems like you can accomplish so much more if you sleep early and wake up early. Not sure whether I am the only person feeling this way, but because of […]

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S p e c i a l   O n e s
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