Wedding Day Photos Ideas

Unique Wedding Day Photos Ideas

Wedding Day Photos Ideas For Unique Couples

Every wedding is unique. Each one has different couples, different settings, different guests, and different feelings. But while each wedding has its own love story to tell, the premise is still the same. The bride’s gown might be her own work or customized by a world-renowned designer. Or perhaps the flowers were of a rare variety. But no matter how different they are from another wedding, they would still look the same in pictures: same shots but just different faces. And as a soon-to-be-wedded couple, you and your partner naturally wants to stand out. Get some unique Wedding Day Photos Ideas before your big day begins.

The wedding photographer most likely already has his own ideas on how to capture your wedding by the time he has met you and known the wedding location and other details. Still, he would welcome any idea coming from the couple. You can tell him ahead of time that as much as possible you want to include non-traditional shots. Work with the photographer on how you would make distinctive shots on your wedding day.

Non-Traditional Wedding Day Photos Ideas

If you want your wedding photos to stand out from countless other wedding pictures, add something to liven up traditional poses. Instead of the usual group photo of the couple and their family, you can use props just to break the usual shots. You can have your family wear colorful sunglasses or funky hats.

Take advantage of the weather condition and the location. Some retreat indoors when the afternoon sun becomes too hot or if there’s light rain. Outdoor shots in weddings make the pictures more interesting so it would be a waste to forgo shooting pictures outside. You can, however, just use umbrella to protect yourself from the elements. You can come up with poses with you and your spouse sharing an umbrella together. Or, if the guests also brought their own, ask the photographer to take pictures of the group holding colorful umbrellas.

Probably the most unique shots are those taken unexpectedly. Those unscripted poses when the subjects are not aware that they are being photographed are those that are usually more interesting. You may gather as many props as you like or come up with as many unusual poses for unique Wedding Day Photos Ideas, but those quick moments, such as the father of the bride discreetly wiping a tear during the ceremony or the bridesmaids passing gossips are the best shots to take in a wedding.

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