Singapore Wedding

What I Like Best About A Singapore Wedding

Singaporeans are known to be lighthearted and fun loving people. And this is especially proven during wedding celebrations. A Singapore wedding for Christian couples, for example, usually goes without religious ceremonies but with a simple exchange of vows and lots of merrymaking with friends and family afterwards. In fact, in one recent wedding I went to, I noticed that the exchange of vows has become quicker! The young couple simply wanted to get on with it and be married!

Aside from Christian wedding, a Singapore wedding will likely be Indian or Muslim or Chinese, depending on the religious and ethnic orientation of the couple. Religious weddings are very colourful and interesting. It is amazing to see families observing religious rituals even if they live in a modern country having a contemporary culture.

Whatever the religious or ethnic orientation, a Singapore wedding is simply full of heart. Sometimes people think customs are a thing of the past, and that spontaneity is the new game. People sometimes think that customs are not practical especially for guests who do not belong to the religious or ethnic group. In reverse, customs are a meaningful way to celebrate the wedding and to deepen the couple’s vow to cherish and love each other forever. Guests who are not from the same religious and ethnic group will have the privilege of learning the customs first hand.

For guests to enjoy the best of Singapore weddings, they simply have to be in the occasion by heart. After all, if you have been invited to the wedding, then it should mean that you are special and intimately friends with either the bride or groom. With this, you can share with their joy, their hopes, and their dreams. You will not have to do guesswork on how you should behave regardless of you not being part of their religious or ethnic community.

In fact, sincerity and simplicity are what I like best in a Singapore wedding.

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