Singapore Wedding Photography Packages

Tips For Singapore Wedding Photography Packages

By hiring an expert to shoot your bridal photos, you don’t just get professional looking pictures. You get a whole set of bridal products and services. In Singapore wedding photography packages are different for every studio.

Best Singapore Wedding Photography Packages – Ask Your Photographer

When it comes to bridal pictures, there is a wide range of styles being offered by every photo studio. The best include photojournalistic shots that capture and record the nuptial day itself, formal studio shots of the bridal couple, then location shots, portraits of the bride and groom and the families too.

Most offers include a hard copy of the pictures taken during the nuptial ceremony and reception. The photos will be given to you printed on 4×5 or 4×6 photo paper. For ease in making those hard choices of what to use and what to discard, the studio has a system in place, either an online album of proofs or printed pages of thumbnail photos. These could be given to clients, kept by the studio or sold at an additional cost.

Then there are the bridal albums. Studios have different ways of making these bridal albums using various kinds of materials depending on the client’s budget. Moreover, professional photographers are adept at crafting a slideshow of the best images they have shot for the said event. This is presented in DVD format and given to clients as part of Singapore wedding photography packages.

Singapore Wedding Photography Packages – Photographic Image Rights

Some studios offer rights to the images, while others prefer to hold on to the rights. In layman’s terms, the “rights” to an image means that you can do what you want with your photos: reprint, give away to friends and relatives, put into a bridal album. Otherwise, these rights belong to the photographer which means that clients will need permission and perhaps pay an additional fee to be able to use the said images.

These are just some of the examples of what could be included in Singapore wedding photography packages. Any given photographer in the Lion City could offer a few of these products, or even all of them together in one offering. Choose wisely.

by Raymond Phang Photography

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Kehinde Fadipe - Monday, September 17, 2012 - 12:07 pm

Hi Raymond, my fiance and i would really like to shoot some engagement pictures. Would you be available mid October? Please let me know your prices and how you operate. We’d like some studio shots and maybe some softer garden shots.

In terms of a concept, my fiance is a rugby nut (played for 15 yrs) and I’m an actress. We think itd be quite funny to try and mesh the two!

Many thanks


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