Singapore Wedding Photography Packages

Singapore Wedding Photography Packages Made Simple

Are you getting married soon and searching for a photographer for your wedding? Are you confused about what Singapore wedding photography packages are? It is so important that one of the best tips given when hiring a wedding photographer is to always ask about their packages.

Basic Offerings Of Singapore Wedding Photography Packages

Wedding photography is a lot of things. When you hire a professional photographer to do your shots, you not only expect quality pictures but also the products that go with it. Thus, when you are still on the lookout, there are three things to check: ask to see the portfolio, talk to the photographer who will do the actual shoot, and look at the wedding photography packages.
Photography packages are there so that you will know what is included when you close a deal with a wedding photographer. When you hire a wedding photographer, you expect to get their services for the day, then an image hosting spot online that you could share with your family and friends, a DVD slideshow of select photos, and a wedding photo album of the best shots of the wedding. These are the basic offerings.

Differences In Singapore Wedding Photography Packages

In Singapore wedding photography packages are typically different from studio to studio. The differences could be in the type of wedding album or in package inclusions or in fees. Some photographers consider it if you want to retain rights to the images, while others usually keep these image rights. There are many wedding album types; some look like coffee table books while others are akin to magazine spreads. There are also ordinary albums if that is what you prefer.

The printouts of thumbnail sketches where you choose your favorite photos are sometimes included in a package, but at other times they are not. In this case, you choose your best shots that you want included in your album from online site that is set up just for you. Sometimes, a pre-wedding photography and an actual day shoot can be rolled into one package. At other times the client might want to hire different photographers for each type of shoot.

These are the things to consider in wedding photography.  So always be on the lookout for the best wedding photography package. Good luck!

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