Roger & Lydia – Actual Day Wedding Celebration

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Apologies for the super lack of update since our last post on Goodbye Loft @ SOHO. We’ve been super duper busy with the packing/unpacking/cleaning/reno/more cleaning/more reno/pre-wedding shoots/falling sick/backlogs of editing/touch ups at the new place/more backlogs to clear and the list goes on. Will share some pictures of the place once it’s clean and ready! 🙂


Realised that we have been sharing quite a bit of our conceptualised pre-wedding shots recently, here’s a series from Roger and Lydia’s actual day wedding celebration taken last year in October. Yeah, didn’t realise another 2 more months and it’ll be a year since their wedding! Time really fliesssssssssssssssssss! *Gasp*!!


We’ve got many more wedding images to share, but that will take some time to come as our hands and brains are really full now. Enjoy! 🙂
Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-001
Loving how the moment was captured when Raymond happened to spot Lydia and her daddy-in-law sharing a hug. Roger and Lydia’s wedding was really close and intimate with no pretence, free flow of hugs and kisses around, no need to follow any auspicious timing, and it was free play. Just the kind I like! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-002
Roger arriving for the gate crashing time… Gate crashing is not a tradition back home, so Roger didnt really know what to expect. Maybe can try bribe the kids for some insider information? 😛


Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-003
Luckily the games they played was nothing of the eating yucky food sort, so everything was good fun! 🙂

Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-004

Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-005

Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-006
Then Roger was made to sing a song and strum on the guitar. I think he’s loving it. 😉


Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-007
Look at the 2 curious kids standing by the door. Kekeke~

Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-009
Lydia actually did her own make up, and her hair was done up by her mummy in law. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-010
Somehow I kinda love this picture – “Humph! No way am I gonna let go of my cutsie little red umbrella!”


Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-011


Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-012
Roger can really jump…………………………..


Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-013
Told you there were free flow of hugs and kisses already. Hahaha~

Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-014
Guess many people would have seen this picture already… Raymond Phang Photography’s signature wedding car shot in motion. This came about to break away from the boring ‘couple standing infront of car, pose, snap, thank you very much’ shots. Glad it has become a trend for wedding photographers!

Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-015


Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-016
Had time for a quick outdoor shoot before heading for the banquet~

Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-017
More kissy kissy~ *wink wink*


Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-018
Sharing a sweet loving moment

Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-019
And lots of laugh laughs

Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-020


Raymond Phang Actual Day L&R-023
And more kissies to end the post. 🙂


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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