Roger & Evon – Actual Day Wedding Celebration

Another set of Actual Day images to share, and this one is from Roger and Evon’s actual day wedding celebration. Their celebration was held over a span of 2 seperate days, first day with gate crashing, tea ceremony, some outdoor shoot. Second day was the solemnisation and banquet at Conrad Centennial. Enjoy! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-001


Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-002
Couples can be Multi sure that they have all angles covered with friends/relatives happily snapping away too! Hahahaha~
And they had a quick outdoor shoot at the Basketball Court.


Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-003

The girls’ hero with a flying slam dunk! Muwahahahahaha~

Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-004
Don’t ask me why I share this image, I just think it’s simple and I kinda like it for the simplicity. 🙂
Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-005
Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-006

One of my personal favourite solemniser/justice of peace – Dr Phua Tan Tee


Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-007


Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-008
Roger, you have made a good choice and married a good wife!

Roger:  *fake laugh*.. I hope she won’t get me to wash all the dishes and do all the housework after today. *fake laugh some more*



Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-009
While the folks are busy getting ready~


Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-010

I enjoy the kids series! Hahahaha! It’s like goodie two shoes reading book, and then the last image we have a little drunkard totally wasted on Champagne. Hahahahaha~
Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-011
Super love this little post box they had at their reception!! Instead of Singapore (Local) and Overseas, they had a For Him and For Her. Guests can write well wishes etc and then slot it into the respective slots.

Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-012
For some reason, Bailey and Satin our Chihuahua loves the Conrad Bear…

Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-013

Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-014

Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-015
Evon’s gown for the first march in, followed by the second change.
Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-016
A series of candid shots at the banquet besides the standard programme for the table to table.
Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-017
Evon: “You ah you, you better dont drink too much I tell you ah! Otherwise tomorrow nobody mop the floor!”

Dad: “Hmm… what evon says is true huh… come, I sniff sniff see this one potent anot, QC for you before you drink… ”

Roger: “COME ON… *fake laugh*… it HAS to be potent otherwise I cannot siam the housework tomorrow! *fake laugh*”

– Roger heck care, bottoms up! –

Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-018
So Roger drank… and drank some more…


Raymond Phang Actual Day E&R-019
Evon buay tahan, at this rate if she don’t drink she’ll be the one doing housework… so she attempt to drink and drink too…

Roger got scareded, and the night continues with more images of Roger drinking… Hahahahaha~


And here’s another pretty raw image to share from their outdoor shoot on Day 1!

Till the next, take care! 🙂



Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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