Raymond Phang Photography’s Conceptualised Pre-Wedding

This is getting frustrating and I believe this calls for an entry of it’s own. A lot of people, be it couples, photographers, people from the creative ad agency industries, or any other person (even our own family members) always give this one comment when they see our conceptualised pre-wedding images. And that comment is – Real one meh…..? With a doubtful tone. Which kinda can’t help but to make us feel a little frustrated (sometimes feel like strangling someone), especially when the couple and the team at Raymond Phang Photography puts in so much hardwork, blood and sweat into this, spending months ahead of the shoot to prepare, liaise with organisers, source for venue, spending weeks on even whatsapp sending images thru and fro making sure the props are good enough for the shoot, getting friends to take off from work just to help out for the shoot, spending money to rent the venue, chasing gown designers like mad so that they can get the wedding gown rushed out in time for the shoot and a whole lot other things. And we were merely bringing commercial level of shooting a conceptualised pre-wedding shoot to wedding shoot. Isn’t that a super value add for couples??


Many people don’t understand the way we work and why we call it conceptualised pre-wedding, and not just a pre-wedding shoot. From the beginning to the end, there’s a storyline when you string the images together. It starts off with this and ends off with that. There is a concept, and idea, and most importantly a story behind it. Everything needs to be PRE-PLANNED months ahead, and not on the day of shoot I go there, I see something and decide to use it, I shoot it and I call it conceptual. No. We put in so much passion into it, that sometimes we cannot help but to feel insulted, especially when the comment comes from people in the same industry.

If the comment comes from a couple, that, we can understand. But from people in the same industry…. or from someone in the same industry yet telling other people it’s fake………… ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! You know how we feel, right??? When you put in so much effort but instead of recognition and encouragement, all you received are doubts and more doubts?? And worse is everytime at the shoot, our hands are full holding lights and equipment, we do not have the free hands to shoot behind the scene as much as we would love to shoot something to prove ourselves.


And today, we decided that we have had enough, and I specially went all the way out to source for any image taken of us at work for our conceptualised pre-wedding shoots. I found 2 images from the Official Sundown Marathon Singapore Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/SundownMarathonSG) taken from someone else when we were shooting Roy and Amy’s conceptualised pre-wedding right before the marathon race start. YES, EVERYTHING IS REAL. The mattress, the couple, the props, the people waiting behind the starting line for the race to begin are real too……………………….. and there’s also news coverage in the papers……………………………………..

Minutes before the race, on to the next concept where the butler wakes the couple up for breakfast before the race.

And this one we posted up was when the couple was still sleeping…. in fact, overslept when they have a marathon to run……


Newspaper coverage……. They were in wedding gown for the ending scene…………


And here’s another one from Joy Phua shot of us when we were shooting Eddie and Aileen’s conceptualised pre-wedding with the toilet bowl right in the middle of the traffic infront of Orchard Road Centerpoint.

And here’s the final image for the shoot………………..


Come on, please don’t doubt us like that. Or is it cos we put in too much heart and passion into it already, everything turns out looking too perfect, looking too good to be true? Should we not be too 10000% hardworking and leave some flaws in the conceptualised pre-wedding  images we create so that people will then start to think it’s real? Sigh…….


Only couples who have engaged us for their conceptualised pre-wedding will understand how we work. And I know they feel the same way as us, when their friends doubt the image… cos it’s like doubting their efforts too…


If you manage to capture any behind the scene images when you see Raymond Phang Photography out on a conceptualised pre-wedding shoot, please email them to us at contactme@raymondphang.com. Very much appreciated, and thanks a lot!


Upset Angeline.

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