Pre Wedding Photography Singapore

Pre Wedding Photography Singapore – Where To Hold The Photo Shoot

Pre Wedding Photography Singapore Locations

Pre-nuptial photography is not compulsory by any means. Couples who are set to wed can go straight to their wedding without having to allot time for a pictorial session before their big day. Still, there are many couples who take time to pose in front of the camera together. That’s because while it seems impractical, pre-nuptial photos actually add beauty and story to the couple’s impending marriage. For those planning to do so, you can choose from several Pre Wedding Photography Singapore locations to hold your session.

Singapore may be a tiny country but it has a lot of picturesque locations where you can hold your photo shoot. Some of the most popular include Fort Canning, Anderson Bride, East Coast Park, and Marina Bay. If you want lush and vibrant green surroundings, Fort Canning is a good bet. The favorite lovers’ spot is perfect for a refreshing pre-nuptial shoot during daytime. And at night, the illuminated pathway offers a dreamy escape for couples.

With its romantic lights and panoramic setting, the Anderson Bridge is a surefire romantic mood setter. It is perfect at night as a photo shoot backdrop, but a few poses during the daytime will work as well.

For nature-lover urbanites, the Marina Bay offers the best of city life with its stunning architecture with a clear view of the bay. A spectacular view of the Central Business District skyline at the Marina Promenade can be a good backdrop for a pre-wedding photo shoot. And for beach lovers looking for a good Pre Wedding Photography Singapore location, the clear blue waters and enticing sands of East Coast Park are just perfect. You and your partner can go barefoot and frolic in the water for a care-free photo shoot theme.

Pre Wedding Photography Singapore Importance

As mentioned, couples don’t need to undergo pre-wedding photo shoots especially if they are on a strict budget. But many couples still do because of its benefits. Pre-nuptial photos not only look good, they also allow the couples to relax in front of the camera. There are those who become too self-conscious and stiff when their pictures are being taken during the wedding day. A pre-wedding photo shoot can help them loosen up and act natural when the actual day comes.

Photos from the pre-nuptial shoot can also be a great addition to your wedding album. They can be used as thank-you cards or as a welcoming banner during the celebration as well.

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