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Out-Of-The-Box Pre Wedding Photographer

There’s an ongoing rant on Twitter and everywhere in cyberspace over a Filipina ex-beauty queen and her groom-to-be putting together what most people did not appreciate and called a steamy prenuptial video. The ex-beauty queen’s reply was a dismissive, “if they can’t take the heat, then they can simply not watch it!” which all the more gained them an ill-repute.

There’s this thing about occasions when all you want is good vibes and good aura, so somewhere in my disconnected-to-what-others-think unconventional self, I still feel that a revolutionary artistic idea should not all the time generate such revolting response.

I can be your out-of-the-box pre wedding photographer, and I say, there is a thin line to divide good taste and boundless creativity. We can always wear a radical façade and yet still make people see the good in our latent side.

The conventional side of me being your pre wedding photographer understands that your wedding album will be one of the most precious memories of this big day that you will have. I know, too, that you notice how so many of those “professional” pictures are all the same from one wedding album to another. The radical side of me being your pre wedding photographer can veer away from the conventional smiles and sweet faces, if that is what you want to avoid as you desire to be different, but at the same time, the final photographs will come out breathlessly inspiring.

Well maybe it’s time to throw traditional pre wedding photographs to the back burner and put some creativity into how pre wedding photos come out and into how the pre wedding photographer works in your wedding. The key is in finding a pre wedding photographer who will cook the pre wedding photographs using a mix of different spices so that the final output smells, looks, and tastes differently, but feels magical just the same!

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