Photography Wedding Packages

3-In-1 Photography Wedding Packages

Good things come in threes. So it is with our team. You get thrice the personality, thrice the creativity, and thrice the fun working with us. You can also check the 3-in-1 photography wedding packages we offer.

Some photography wedding packages include pre wedding photography, wedding day photography, and even honeymoon photography. These are the standard before-during-after activities surrounding a wedding event.

Couples choose to have the package because, for practical reasons, it is easier to coordinate the shoot you want if you speak to only photographer. For aesthetics, it is also easier to achieve continuity if shots are composed by one photographer. Put two creative minds together and usually there is a clash. Couples usually have one story to tell in these events, and this story is what one photographer or studio will be able to stitch together.

But the photography wedding packages we offer come in threes in the sense that we offer boundless creativity, style, and a generous portion of your personality.

We appreciate photography wedding packages as being unpackaged. That is, we believe that photographs are a result of the work of a skilled artisan who holds camera, who is also somewhat a politician who knows how to engage subjects in an intellectual exchange while silently working on the shots, a psychologist and a hypnotist who can relax the subjects until they can give their best without trying. This is because above all, we desire for couples to have their personality as the true colour of the pictures. We are just there to help bring this beautiful personality out in the open.

If you think our 3-in-1 photography wedding packages is to your liking, then we’d love to hear from you and join you in this magical journey. We love weddings, and despite the many wedding shoots we’ve done, we find each wedding peculiar. Hear from you soon!

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