Creative Wedding Photo Shoots

Creative Wedding Photo Shoots: Veering Away From The Old And The Predictable

As evident in their choice of motif, theme, and even dresses, soon-to-be married couples nowadays prefer to have modern weddings. Some like to keep it traditional and pick up antique and borrowed pieces for their big day, but they still leave some details modern. So instead of standing straight next to each other in their pictures, they think of some creative wedding photo shoots to proudly show to their guests and to the future generations.

Creative wedding photo shoots mean veering away from the predictable portrait shots other couples take. These shots don’t necessarily mean they are more expensive. In fact, they can even save couples hundreds of dollars in expenses. Because instead of holding the photo shoots at pricey hotels and exclusive beaches, they can take pictures just about anywhere. The secret is being resourceful and creative.

How To Take Creative Wedding Photo Shoots

If you want creative shots for your wedding, you can ask your photographer for help. The wedding photographer naturally has his own creative ideas on how to take your photos. If you look at his portfolio, you can see shots of his previous clients that look outstanding and unique. You can ask for his suggestions and advice, but if you have ideas of your own, it is better and even encouraged that you express it.

As mentioned, you don’t need private and expensive locations to take wedding pictures. Anywhere, as long as you have proper and necessary permits, is fine. The idea is to create something extraordinary from a seemingly ordinary venue. The neighborhood park can work well for your engagement photo shoots or even for the wedding pictorial if you have enough time. You and your spouse can let out your inner children and play along the park. The exuberance of the mood will reflect in the photos, and which will make for a great picture.

A concrete sidewalk adjacent a high-rise building can also make good wedding venue. The coldness of the concrete pavement and the warmth of both your smiles create great contradictions in the picture.

If you prefer to stay indoors, you have more choices for venues than just the photographer’s studio. You can turn a messy attic into the perfect wedding photo shoot venue. Or you can have your old, antique dining table into a stage where you can do poses.

Creative wedding photo shoots are easy to achieve if you have the right idea. But of course, you still need the expert skills of your photographer to get your desired result. Otherwise, the whole photo shoot may end up looking hastened and disorganized.

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