Choon Kwang & Liz – ROM (Solemnisation) Dinner at 1827

I spent a good ten minutes thinking how to write the opening to this blog entry and all I could think of is food at the moment. What to do, I’m trying out a “diet” plan because my body keeps attracting fats like how bees are attracted to honey. This fatal attraction got my parents asking me how much weight have I actually gained when they saw me last weekend. Usually they don’t really care, so… naturally I had to do something about it. So yesterday I had protein shake for breakfast, a bag of lettuce and orange juice for lunch, campbell mushroom soup for dinner, corn cup and half a double filet-o-fish from macDonald’s for… supper. Ooops. HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, for brides to be who cares alot about how they look like on their wedding day, it’s good to diet a little (eat the healthy way, but not over dieting cos it’s bad for your body), start slowly on a regular exercise regime, introduce leafy veggies and fruits to your meals, and be happy! A firm and toned skin/body definitely looks better than a flapping butterfly (of which I’m guilty of), and when you’re happy, you’ll have that natural radiance glowing around you. 🙂

Cos I realised that the camera is quite an evil object… it can capture even the slightest frown, and someshow we tend to look a teeny weeny bit rounder in the pictures. The camera doesn’t lie… it’s the post processing that does. Kekeke. 😛

Ok back to topic! Here’s a few images taken by Ben Chan on Choon Kwang and Elizabeth’s solemnisation dinner on 11 November 2011 at 1827.

For those who don’t already know, 1827 is actually a Thai Restaurant located at the Arts House of Old Parliament. I kinda like the interior with a bold combination of red / black / gold colours. Before the official solemnization ceremony began, the couple engaged us for a good 2-3 hours of casual photoshoot around the restaurant and vicinity.

The following images are photographed by Ben Chan, and I love how CK + Liz totally enjoyed themselves during the photoshoot… Casual, relaxed, and most importantly – happy! 🙂


Actual Day Photographer Ben Chan - Raymond Phang Photography - 5

Actual Day Photographer Ben Chan - Raymond Phang Photography - 4

Actual Day Photographer Ben Chan - Raymond Phang Photography - 1
I think it’s just so hard to get Liz to act serious, cos she’s really a walking sunshine! 🙂

Actual Day Photographer Ben Chan - Raymond Phang Photography - 2


Actual Day Photographer Ben Chan - Raymond Phang Photography - 3

Hope you guys love this mini series, till the next, take care! 🙂



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