KC & Cindy’s actual day wedding

Before this place gets all mouldy again, here’s a quick update on KC & Cindy’s actual day wedding! Enjoy! (:




Here’s the beautiful bride – Cindy! Pretty seldom we get to see brides with short hair for their wedding day. I guess a big part of the reason goes to the lack of variety in available choices of hairstyle. But in thise case, Cindy looks radiant and very refreshing! 🙂





I call this the reusable wrist corsages, cos this one actually has pearls and clips instead of the usual ones where we tie around the wrist with ribbons and dump them away after the wedding.


Here’s a sneak preview of how KC looks like! It’s actually a photo mug of the couple.

If Raymond and I have such photo mugs around our place, I guess it’ll burn a real big hole in our pocket. For times when we have fights and arguments, the photo mug would be a good target to vent our frustrations since we can’t vent it on each other. Hmm… maybe we’ll print out some enlargements of ourselves and throw darts at each other’s faces when we’re angry instead. Kekeke.



So sweet. 🙂




KC and his band of brothers! Er… were they in their sports attire??


Evil sisters demanding “entry ticket” for their very own RIP gantry. Errr… I meant ERP gantry. Hehehe~




EEEEWW!! Evil sisters make poor brothers chew on Giant lollipops, together with Wasabi toothpaste to brush their teeth. Such deadly combo!!



And now for something auspicious – The RED UNDIES!! Must stare at this picture for a longer time because CNY is coming, and it is often said that red undies brings luck!


Somehow he reminds me of the cute cartoon character – Pucca. So cuuuute!


Source: nguoichacuanhanloai’s photostream at Flickr

I didn’t know there’s an expander thingy for the bra! I must have lived in the mountains for too long a time!


And now they revert back to childhood wearing the bibs and pacifiers.


I think the ERP gantry rate just increased again. MUWAHAHAHAHA!


The MUST HAVE contract to sign for all couples during gate crashing.


Yay! Destination reached!




I love Audi cars…… kekekeke~




Once again, Raymond’s signature car shot during Actual Day Weddings.





Proceeded on to the solemnisation ceremony.






I like this picture! The kid holding the mic is damn awesome, and the handsome boy on the right creating a frame with his two fingers! Thankfully it’s two fingers, and not the one longest finger. :p



At the end of the wedding day, here’s an awesome image specially taken for the couple.


I’ll be posting more from KC & Cindy’s wedding on our Facebook Fan Page tomorrow, so do keep a lookout for it ya! 🙂

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Hope you guys enjoyed this series! Raymond and I gotta return to work already! Been working through the night very dilligently with the photo editings until we’re able to catch the sunrise every single day. We don’t get to sleep till about 7+, and sometimes 9+am in the morning! Phew!!



Anyway, here’s a little piece of dry but interesting joke to share with everyone for the coming lunar new year + valentine’s day:


In my 26 years of life, I have never once received any love letters from anyone on Valentine’s Day. But this year, I’m finally receiving Love Letters on Valentine’s Day! =D




Er… can’t catch the ball right? Okie, I’m currently 26 years old, so that’s a fact. Let me know if you’re riding on the same wavelength as me! If you happen to be looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding day, and you’re able to figure out the dry joke of the link between the love letter and valentine’s day, email the answer to us at contactme@raymondphang.com with the header [That Darn Dry Joke]! Couples with the correct answer will receive a 10% off pre-wedding/actual day wedding photography packages! Kekeke. And since it’s gonna be the month of Love and Friendship (Feb 14), we’ve decided not to limit the number of winning entries, so offer ends…. 28 February 2010! Have fun! =D

* Contest promo not valid with any other offer or promotion



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Hui Hui - Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 11:32 am

Love letters as in Chinese New Yr goodies?

Anyway, can i have a quote for photography services for actual day?

Thank you.

Hui Hui

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