3 days Wedding & Fashion Photography Workshop by Ryan Schembri

Hey guys!! We’ve got some really good stuff to share with you! International multiple award winning & very talented wedding photographers – Ryan Schembri, Jessica Schembri & Martin Schembri will be flying in all the way from Sydney from 3-5 May 2010 to deliver an intensive 3 day workshop! This 3-day workshop is a must go for all aspiring photographers or even veteran photographers with the thirst to learn & improve further! Definitely a great opportunity not to be missed, and we’re speaking based on our own personal experience when we flew to Sydney last year just to attend this amazing workshop! You guys are lucky because you get to scrimp on the airfare and hotel accommodation since this time round the workshop would be held in Singapore at Grand Hyatt! So hope to see you guys there ya? Limited slots available as they’re keeping the group small and compact so participants will have more time and opportunities for hands-on + one to one critique/ Q&A session. 


Click on the following URL for more information on the course outline or to secure your booking to avoid disappoinment;



I know quite a number of you have been trying to email Ryan via his email at ryan@xsight.com.au. If you haven’t already received a reply, do forward the email to info@ryanschembri.com.



Nonetheless here are some of Ryan’s works which I’d like to share with you guys, all of them are taken from his website at www.ryanschembri.com;


I would really really love to share all of their wedding images here, but there’s simply too many of them! So visit Ryan Schembri’s Website and Martin Schembri’s Website for more breathtaking images!



I also tried but couldn’t embed a video which I would like to share. It’s actually a video of the happenings during the few days Raymond and I spent in Sydney last year for the Martin & Ryan Sydney workshop. Of course Jessica was there as well modelling for us in her beautiful actual wedding gown(she was really sweet & professional!!), teaching us on the workflow and post processing techniques. It was really really intensive, so I would advise you to have enough sleep each day so that you can focus better during the workshop. I’m serious!!


Follow the URL to watch the Video on the Sydney workshop on Youtube!!



I’ll probably share a few images taken from the Sydney trip for the next entry. 🙂



Anyway, can’t wait to meet the talented Trio real soon!!! And dear readers, please say hi to us if you see us there at the workshop too!! Cheers! =D



Lots of ♥,




by Raymond Phang Photography

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Raymond & Angeline - Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 6:11 pm

Hi Jevf Shen,

Apologies for the late reply as we’ve all been really busy for past few weeks! The workshop is actually conducted by the Schembris – Ryan Schembri, Martin Schembri and Jessica Schembri in Singapore over a span of three days. We only played our part in hosting and organising the workshop for them in Singapore. Nonetheless if you’re interested, you may wish to refer to Ryan Schembri’s website for his list of available workshop schedule – http://www.ryanschembri.com/seminars-workshops/

Hope this helps, and all the best in your learning! (:

Jevf shen - Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 9:02 pm

hi i interested to attend your wedding photography workshop..
can you give me the schedule for the wedding photography course? i planned to join it this end of year or early 2011

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