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Raymond and I finally met up with Jack and Grace to pass them their wedding photograph album. We went for Prawning Session together in the middle of the night! Or should I say, very early morning. Hahaha. The first night was at Jurong, the other night was at Sin Ming Avenue. The guys enjoy prawning, but I find it cruel, especially at the part when you start to cook them while they’re alive. I almost turned vegetarian when I saw how they used the skewers to poke the prawns. Should have brought my dummy camera to document the whole process.

First night they displayed the prawns on the table, and sprinkled packets of salt on them before poking them with the skewers. Then you can see how the prawns struggled by flapping their tails vigorously, and how their legs moved rapidly in hope to struggle and break free from the human hands. For those with claws, the guys will break them by pulling it apart from the body and throw them aside. There was this 2 giant prawns which left me deep impression. Jack was holding onto 1 of them, preparing to poke it with the skewer, but that prawn was holding onto the claw of the other prawn of the same size. Gives me a feeling that it doesn’t want to die, or it doesnt want to leave the other prawn, which could possibly be his/her partner. So sad I tell you! 🙁

Second night was the same, but this time, they poke the prawns and soaked them in a pail of very salty salt water. Must be damn painful. Some of the prawns were pregnant and you can see a whole lot of orange colored tiny round things inside their body. Quite disgusting.  =X

Prawning is fun and filled with excitement. The process is fun, but I don’t like the part on killing them. Sigh… But prawning can help you to train your level of patience and at the same time helps you destress because you have to focus very hard. Focusing hard makes you think about nothing else but the prawning session and not about work. Raymond had 101% of his attention totally devoted when he was prawning. When I tried to ask him questions, he doesn’t respond because he was really focusing very hard. Jack even tried to call him while he was BBQ-ing the prawn at the BBQ pit, but Raymond didn’t respond either. Tsk tsk tsk. Make a guess when was the only time Raymond responded. It was when he heard the magic word – NASI LEMAK!

I want to faint already. For Raymond, it is really “Food makes the world goes round”. Hahahahaha!! Anyway, I’ll share on Jack and Grace’s wedding pictures when I manage to lay my hands on them. Right now there’s only Kash & Charlotte on my laptop while the rest are with Raymond. 😀


wedding photography

Yup, you guessed it! 16 January 2009 was their wedding day. 🙂

wedding photography

Preparing for “GATE” crashing!

wedding photography

wedding photography

This is Charlotte. 🙂

This is Kash, demonstrating a bad example of gate crashing. YOU DON’T CLIMB OVER THE GATE! O_O”!

wedding photography

Luckily there’s another “gate”!

wedding photography

Little rabbits. Hahaha~

Kash was holding a piece of dubious looking cracker.

Very potent liquid.

wedding photography

Hehehe! I’m very thirstttty! 😀

*slurp and glurp and slurp and glurp* But the brother on the extreme right seemed to be terrified of the drink…

O_O”!! I can’t believe it’s so refreshing! YUM YUM! Muwahahahahahaha! So funny!

wedding photography

Raymond told me when the brothers were blowing up the balloons, the balloons kept bursting in their faces and hurt quite a bit. I guess that’s why Kash looked a little scared here. Hehehe. Punishment for climbing over the gate. =p

Picture too small cannot see the words clearly. Every ballon has an alphabet written on it. Put together, it forms the name C-H-A-R-L-O-T-T-E.

wedding photography

Climb some more!! =_=”

I guess he’s drawing a portrait of Charlotte. =_=”

Shouldn’t have made him draw. Wahahahahaha. But it’s cute! 🙂

Look how happy Charlotte is!

I like this one! Bad boy! Next time if I catch you climb on any other things again I will spank your backside!

wedding photographer

wedding photographer

wedding photographer

wedding photographer

wedding photographer

wedding photographer

I guess it’s really hard not to carry the phone around. Seen quite a few already..

wedding photographer

Baaaaaasket! Kekeke.

Before marching in! I wonder why Kash stuck his tongue out, and how did Raymond managed to catch it on camera!!


Charlotte’s gown is really pretty, and she can really bring out the colour of the dress. Maybe because she’s tall? 🙂

I like this one too! No idea why, but feels like some comedy gang triad (斧头帮) scene from Stephen Chow’s movie flick – Kungfu Hustle. Wahahahahaha!

I like this one as well. I guess it is a normal reaction for us to open our mouth when we’re feeding others. Very cute. 🙂

Changing into second outfit.

wedding photographer

Checking out the attire.

wedding photographer

Secretly holding hands!!

How did Raymond managed to catch this on camera too??

Charlotte’s red color gown is also very, very nice.

I had a good laugh going through this part because Kash has very funny expressions! Seems like it’s hard to uncork the bottle of champagne cos he tried for quite some time on pictures. Hehehe.


Ok, the evil friends and evil brothers made Kash drank some liquor.

No choice, he had to drink. He glurped them down at one go, and everyone was staring in disbelief.

Kekekeke. He must have had a hard time pretending to be fine after that. =p

wedding photographer

wedding photographer

I noticed friends will always share some “secrets” with the groom during weddings. But I never got to know what’s the secret they were sharing.

Then, they’ll end up laughing like this! Must be something “evil”…  Muwahahahaha~

Alright! That’s a whole lot of photos at one go! Gotta go! 😀

Lots of ♥,


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