Wedding Photography Update ~

Fuwah! It’s been a long, long time since we last posted anything here! So I took some time to dig out some pictures from few more recent weddings we did last year to share here. 🙂

wedding photography

I thought it’s pretty interesting. Hehe. It’s from another couple’s wedding, but I’m gonna share a few snippets from Hiro and Serena’s wedding instead. A few quick ones only, cos I find that if I continue posting many many pictures here, it might take quite a while to load and everyone will fall asleep.

That’s Serena having her make up. From the amount of picture Raymond shot for their wedding, I think Serena’s make up is pretty detailed, yet very light and natural. Not sure how long is the exact time taken though. Haha.

That’s her wedding gown! She also have a few evening gowns, and if I’m not wrong, they were all designed by her very talented brother – Clinton! 😀

That’s Hiro and his brothers biting the wretched chilli! They’re all Japanese by the way, and I think they must be cursing the chilli that day! Hahaha!

Muwahahaha! The expression is so cool!



And then they proceed to do some dance. I tell you, they must be really fun people to be with! Cos they kept doing quirky actions throughout the day.

wedding photography

The sisters with the gate crashing ang pow. I think Hiro and Serena must have spent some time sourcing for the ang pow packet, cos it’s not the typical type where we receive from relatives/friends etc during Chinese New Year. It has some “Sisters” related wordings on it. It’s like THE red packet for gate crashing sisters!

wedding photography

I like this one! But I think it’s pretty redundant to “dian deng” since after that you’ll chuck the lamp one side and not use it already. =X

wedding photography

Hiro focusing intensely, trying to feed Serena.

The make-up tools!

I like this too! That’s the reflection from the sequins of her gown on her cheeks.

That’s Dylan aka Wen Qiang! A very small world, because it seems like a lot of couples whom we’ve met knows him! Hahaha!

Serena’s evening gown, with a SUPER LONG train! It’s like a whole sea of flowing purple. 🙂

And then they break the barrel of japanese liquor!

WATAH!! All their faces got splashed. So cool!!

Hmm… think I don’t dare to drink red wine right.

I shall prove you wrong!! (That’s clinton at the background!)

wedding photography

Nanny nanny poo poo, I finished the whole glass, and I’m so gonna faint later!

Time to change outfit!

bridal photography

Group photos can be so fun!

wedding photographer

They kept doing stuns like this!


wedding photography

Hiro tried to carry Serena, but I think he couldn’t. Either he was pretending, or he stepped onto Serena’s dress (which he did! Look at his shoes!) so he couldn’t carry her up. Hehehe.

Bye bye!

Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

Wedding Photographer

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