Stephan & Gam – ROM – Wedding Photography

The year started well with consecutive wedding photography shoots, followed by a well deserved break at Guan & Jes’s place for Shabu Shabuuuuu!! So sweet of them to prepare the ingredients, wake up early in morning drive out to get the freshest ingredients, and even washed up the heaps and mountains of dishes after that. We brought along potato chips, honey roasted ribs, and wrapped bacon sticks plus the Japanese Ichiko wine. But end up there were tooooo much food, we had to play silly games to finish off the food! Raymond was the biggest winner of the night. Something wrong with the fengshui of the position where he was sitting, so he ended up with a lot of super gigantic fishballs to eat! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!

We then had a lot of fun playing Wii!! Guan and Jes just bought the set, and the stupid Maracas one was soooo funny! There’s some videos of Guan and Raymond dancing while playing the maracas game, but I think Guan will delete it away. Humph! Or maybe he’ll watch it secretly when he’s alone and laugh at the video. Hahahaha! Really super funny to see 2 big man dancing like “gu niang”. =p

For those who are keen to lose weight, I think Wii is your best friend. I must strongly suggest to Raymond to buy a Wii set instead of going for Kick Boxing already! =p So sorry to hold up so much of their time once again, and Jeslin even had a headache after that. Hope she’s feeling alright already. Enjoy your Taiwan trip okie! Yi lu shun feng!! 😀

Okie, some snippets from Stephan and Gam’s ROM in year 2008. Personally I haven’t met them myself, but from the photographs, I’m sure they really love each other deep deep. Both Stephan and Gam were all smiles that day. Raymond even brought back a bottle of wine the day he shot at their wedding dinner! So sweet of them to specially wrap it up for us so nicely. 😀

This is the bottle of wine! Bet it’ll taste really sweet. Hehe. Thanks guys!! We’ll save it for really special occasion and not waste it like how we totally wasted the disgusting Absolut Raspberry Vodka the other time. Just  the thought of the smell alone will make us puke non stop like the Merlion now.

Guess which is Gam!

Nope! Not this pretty lady here. Hehe. I think she really has the perfect figure to carry the dress well. 😀

They went to a salon at Golden Mile Complex for their hair and manicure/pedicure + make up. Heard from Raymond that the rates are pretty attractive!

A hungry man = angry man. So it’s good to eat! No wonder Raymond and I are always happy… because we’re always eating! O_O”

Here’s Gam’s mummy having her brows trimmed.

I think the hair curling thong must be really hot. I have a slight phobia for these thongs. Sometimes the lady who did rebonding for me will accidentally clip my ears, or somehow resting on my forehead. Maybe because she was having a good time chatting with my mum, who happens to be her friend. =_=”

Make up.

This image reminds me of Hairspray the musical movie! Wahahaha. I love musicals! 🙂

I love this picture too! I think Gam and her mummy looked sooooo much like each other!

Now we can see all 3 ladies together.

Bouncy curls~

Baby, you want a new hairstyle too? Hehehe.

I like this shot too! Wonder how did Raymond shot this wedding photograph. Hmm…

All set and ready to go!

Here comes Stephan with a bouquet of very pretty red roses!


Time for the solemnisation.

I like the folks’ expression on the left! Interesting!

Hehe. That’s all for the short snippets! More to come for their dinner day, and truckloads more of other couples’ wedding pictures. Gotta fly off to kick boxing already! I dread Tuesdays… seriously! =_=”

Lots of ♥,


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