Sam & Michelle’s Actual Day Wedding

Here’s a few images Raymond took for Sam and Michelle’s actual day wedding. I can still remember the very first time when we met up with Michelle. She came with her mummy after their facial appointment, and I thought wow, wouldn’t it be wonderful if my mum and I are able to share such a close bond together? Haha. Michelle was really, really bubbly, and she has this super infectious and unique laughter! She can laugh about just almost anything! From putting on slabs and tonnes of sunblocks to shivering in the cold to slippers and the tiniest things in life! 😀


Raymond and I never got to meet Sam in person, nor had the chance to interact with him via email before their wedding. He was always CC-ed in our mails, but he never replied. *Folds arm*. Haha! Guess he must be really busy, since he’s based in Australia! So Raymond and I started forming and creating impressions of this mysterious Sam in our heads. Honestly I imagined him to be a little cold and aloof, quite like a typical busy working adult. But I was soooo wrong when Raymond returned from their wedding shoot and told me how nice a person Sam actually was! Very warm and approachable, relaxed, understanding and patient! O_O”!


He seems like a nice guy from the pictures Raymond took on their wedding day, and I actually got to meet the couple during our trip to Sydney last 2 weeks! They were so nice to drive down all the way from Bankstown to Lane Cove/Artarmon/North Sydney where we were located! Gave us a lot of tips and advices on where to go, what to do, and the must go must see must do stuffs! Hahaha! Sam is pretty humorous in his own way, and with the anything-also-can-laugh-about Michelle, they definitely make an awesome match together!! 😀





That’s Michelle!





I thought this is a really nice shot.



Nah, this is Michelle’s brother, not Sam.


A lot of couples commented that Raymond has a fetish for feet. Muwahahahahaha! I secretly suspect so! Cos I always catch him peepin at my dirty ugly peanut toes. =_=”



Here’s the gang of brothers! All air flown from Australia! So nice of them to help out!



I think they’re not used to all these evil gate crashing things back in Australia for weddings, but Sam and his brothers were game enough to have a little fun! 🙂











I feel like eating these shoes cos it looks good. Hahahaha! =p



See, I’m not lying! She’s laughing so hard again! =p



Michelle’s daddy and mummy.




Muwahahaha! I think this one is good!! Mummy giving daughter a face lift or something? =p Love the expression on the kid.


Very appropriate! Hahahaha! Michelle is always the one with the big laughter!




Glad the couples are having fun! Raymond was telling me how relaxed and enjoyable he felt when he was photographing their wedding! No rush, no hurry, and the pace was just nice. 🙂






















Love this one too! Gives me a very koreanish colour, and somehow the image just appeals to me.












I particularly like this one too!



This is what they call laugh until rock forth and backwards.

























Doesn’t this image somehow links to the image above? I guess he wanted a kissy kiss too! Muwahahahahaha~




Okie dokie! Phew! Still got a lot of images from actual day wedding to share! Will try to keep the updates consistent! Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend ya? Cheers! 🙂


Lots of ♥,



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