Roti Prata growing on my head

Raymond just got back from Jack & Grace’s wedding shoot. Wahahaha. So nice to hear him share his stories and experiences throughout the day. And I’m so mega touched that Grace even remembers me by name! Awwww… So sweet! 😀 Furthermore I’ve only met her twice or so, since the other time when we had lunch with Jack near his workplace, Grace wasn’t around. And the very sinful cupcakes!! So unfortunately I couldn’t have a bite of it! Raymond told me Grace saved some of it for me, but the box disappeared somehow. I guess someone else took it away. 🙁


Oh well, it’s alright! It’s the thought that counts ya? 😀 I can’t wait to see their wedding pictures! Kuan Wee & Pei Yu’s one had me amused a little when i saw Pei Yu’s Jack Russell climbed onto the chair, and then the table, and then SNEAKED AWAY THE SIEW MAI TO BINGE! Wahahahahahahahaha! It’s so us!! 😛


I took this picture early in the morning with my dummy camera. If i’m not wrong, it should be ISO 3200. Doesn’t look too bad, but I wonder why sometimes ISO 800 is much lousier than the quality of this. Hmm…


Okie, here’s it! I love you because… you said my hair looks pretty when I came back from rebonding even though I know my hair looked like a piece of soggy roti prata + dirty wet mop dumped into the blender altogether! 😀




I hope he really meant it. Else… I’ll draw the Map of the World on his head and make it look like a Globe! Muwahahahaha! Gotta go! Only slept for 1 hour for the whole of last night + today! Eeeeks! Bubbye! 😀



Lots of ♥,


by Raymond Phang Photography

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Raymond & Angeline - Monday, January 5, 2009 - 1:48 am

Hey dont mention it at all! In fact I am terribly sorry i can’t afford to stay longer because of a very morning shoot at 5.30am the next day so i had to leave at about midnight else i would definitely stay on and party with you guys that night! You guys rock! 🙂

Pei Yu - Sunday, January 4, 2009 - 11:46 pm

heh .. i cant wait to see the photos too! :):)
Btw wanna apologise to raymond for keeping him too long as my relatives and friends keep asking him to take pictures for us..

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