Notice: Out of Town from 17 June to 4 July

Hi guys!!


A lot has happened these few weeks, and we’ve had really enjoyable times catching up with friends. They say we have to learn how to make time for ourselves and our family despite the busy schedule, and we’re trying to master this particular set of skill.


Many thanks to our dearest friends who used to be our past time wedding couples. They have really made a difference and brought joy to our lives. 🙂


Today we will be travelling out of town to a place called Brisbane in Australia. I think I haven’t even finished sharing the Melbourne pictures we took last year!! *Faints*


We will be back on 4 July, hopefully healthy and in one piece! Muwahahahaha! Don’t bring back unecessary “things“! It’s gonna be a free and easy trip, we’ll drive up north from Brisbane airport, stopping as and when we like. We did not book any hotels/motels, so hopefully we don’t have to bunk in the wilderness at the small little towns. Which also means, we might have very limited access to the internet. If you need to contact us, feel free to call/sms us anytime ya?


Raymond: 9-2-3-8-6-3-2-5
Angeline: 8-1-3-8-3-3-9-7
I’m gonna miss Baileys our little chihuahua mascot, my family, and our friends! Will update the backlogs when we’re back! Let the 2 weeks be quick and painless. May the force be with you. Muwahahahaha! Cheers! 😀


Lots of ♥,


by Raymond Phang Photography

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kelvin - Thursday, July 9, 2009 - 2:18 pm

Hi Raymond,

I am great fan of your work. Can i ask, is photoshop an important tool when comes to wedding photograghy? And is it better to have 2 cameras, with different lens fittings on the dat itself?
Basically, i was asked by a really close friend to be her photographer for her ROM. I am totaly new in this field, though i have been photographing as a hobby since 2007 with my EOS 400D.
I was wondering if you can give me some tips for a newb like me. I really want be do everything i can to give her great photos for her ROM, but i am nervous and afraid about it.
Do e-mail me if you have some tips for me at the above address. Thank you.

Best regards, Kelvin

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