Morrison & Rachel’s actual day wedding – 2 & 3 August 09

Hi guys!! A piece of news to share, Raymond has been awarded the Licentiate Master Photographer title by the prestigious Master Photographers Association (The MPA).  MPA is the only organisation in UK formed exclusively for full time qualified professional photographers. A short excerpt from the MPA website on what MPA is about;


What is the Master Photographers Association?

The MPA is the premier professional organisation for Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Master Photographers. If you are looking for a wedding, portrait, or commercial photographer in your area, then one of our 1,600 fully qualified members will assure you of the highest professional service.

All qualified members adhere to a strict Code of Conduct and have undergone qualification to at least Licentiate standard. Established in 1952, the MPA is unique in that it only allows full-time professional photographers to remain in membership. Each must have undergone a rigorous assessment of their work – and only then do they appear in our Online Directory.


Really got to hand it to Raymond for bagging this title cos he practically had no time to sit down and properly prepare his prints as much as he wanted to. Imagine he only printed out his works the very morning of the judging day itself, all flustered and chop chop. Luckily he managed to be at the judging session in time although he was one of the very last few candidates. These few weeks have been nothing but hell, churning the images, album layout, setting up of the computer system to make it as stable as possible so that our wedding files are all safe & secure. We desperately need sleep man.


Good thing is, we actually learnt a lot of lesson from this event. We will try to make improvements one step at a time, and hopefully get to see some positive changes not only in our works, but also on our lives. Once again, congratulations to all fellow photographers, and let’s all work harder to produce even better works for all our couples!  😀


That aside, here are some of the few images from Morrion and Rachel’s actual day wedding, which was held in August over a span of 2 days!! Enjoy!! 🙂


Raymond Phang Photography Actual Day Wedding


















Raymond Phang Photography actual day wedding gate crashing

Ths one is cute. The boys wrote in bold “I love you”, and purposely faint the word “not your friends”. Hahaha!












Rachel pulled this one of really nicely!













































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