Kenneth and Jojo Wedding Photography

Good afternoon world! Oh no… It’s almost 5pm already! I’ve yet to start on my spring cleaning!! πŸ™

Never mind, let me share some sneaks from Kenneth and Jojo’s wedding last December! Enjoy! πŸ™‚

Jojo’s BLING BLING! I think it goes well with the petals on the desk.

Pan Pacific.

Jojo’s very elegant gown.

I call them Camel Lashes cos Camels have very long eyelashes.

The Greatest Gift is Love. How true..

Another one. I like both,Β  so I decided to post them all up. Hehe.

Here comes the groom!!

Almost done already!

I guess she must be thinking when can she ever be pretty like Jojo too, or she want to be pretty like Jojo too! Ah, at least that’s what I always thought whenver I see brides during my childhood days. πŸ˜›

Little boy looked so shy… Kekeke.

Ahhh, when will the adults be ready?Β  I’m so bored I shall try stuffing my fist into my mouth to scare them.

Awww, so happy!

When I pout my lips like this, I want you to kiss me. So did Kenneth gave Jojo a muacks muacks? Hehehe.. He did!! πŸ˜€

Getting ready to move out.

Muwahahahaha! It’s always good to have a corny shot or two!

I wonder what are they looking at. Hmm…

They had a luncheon at UOB Plaza’s Sze Chuan Dou Hua restaurant.

Tea Ceremony. I think this pouch is really cute. It is the first time I saw it.

Next time during my wedding, after receiving red packet from elders during tea ceremony, I shall ask Raymond to flash out mandarin oranges and give the folks in return. Muwahahaha! Will they get “scared-ed” or not?

The Justice of Peace.

I kind of like this picture. No idea why. Hahaha.

Pouring tea from a flask with a loooooong throat and a tiny mouth.

Love her expression here although it’s not very dramatic.

The JP was full of smiles that day! In my impression, he’s usually very stern. Hmm…

See, he’s smiling again!

Jojo, throw the phone away!

The I do-I dos.

Fuwah, love this shot too.

They kissed! πŸ˜€

Sign on the dotted line, and your money will be my money. My money will also be my money. Wahahahaha!

Yay! We’re married! πŸ˜€


Love this love this!

FOOD!! *DROOLS*! I shall go dig for the Tai Yang Bing which Guan and Jes bought for us when they went to Taiwan. Damn nice!!


Wah, reminds me of the Sour Plum Duck at Dai Ka Jie Restaurant! But unfortunately the other time we went there to meet Su Lynn and Clarissa, the standard of the food seemed to have dropped quite a bit. πŸ™

I don’t know what is this. But it looks nice anyway! πŸ™‚

Are kids obsessed with hair? =

They looked so sweet together!

The teacups are really cute! Raymond love it a lot! I think Kenneth & Jojo were having fun with it too!

So cool!

Kena molested. HAHAHA!

Okies, that’s all for Kenneth and Jojo’s sneaks! We’ve completed the editing for the whole series. Gotta meet up with them soon to pass them the DVDs. πŸ™‚

Dearest Pei Yu and Wee, Santa Claus flew us a pigeon carrying a secret note attached to the legs. It says Raymond elf and Angeline elf are to post sneaks of Pei Yu and Wee’s actual day wedding! We were thinking of ignoring the message, slaughter the pigeon and deep fry it fill our tummy. But we’re sooo keen to share Pei Yu’s amazing glutton Jack Russell’s picture when he hopped onto the chair and table to steal SIEW MAIΒ and eat! So classic. Muwahahahahaha!! Alright, I shall post the sneaks from their wedding tonight! Hehe. Bye bye! πŸ˜€

Lots of β™₯,


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