Journey to Success – Hitting the 60s

I couldn’t resist but to blog another entry after Stephan and Gam’s entry earlier on. I’ll make it a real quick one then!


Raymond and I went for kick boxing today. We kicked like we never kicked before, and we boxed like there’s no tomorrow. Our beads of perspirant were flying all over the floor in the dance studio, and we could feel our hearts pumping a million times faster than usual. Our muscles stretched and toned, our brain overdosed with oxygen and our mind was so sharp that we could turn around within a second to pick buzzing flies with chopsticks in a single swift motion.


We were kick boxing you know. It was a satisfying session for us. We could feel ourselves getting lighter, and with every step we took, we felt as though we were waltzing on clouds of fluffy meringues in a breeze.


But when we walked down the stairs, reality hits us in the face when the alarm in our tummy set off! We were HUNGRY!! So I kept tempting Raymond to have a quick dinner at the very nearby Pizza Hut. But he refused by giving excuses telling me he left his wallet at home. So I told him I have my wallet with me in my KATA Bag. It didn’t work. He dragged me home, and I had to dig for food while he’ll be eating the veggies which his mum had prepared before he left for kick boxing.


Because I didn’t have anymore Instant Noodles at home, no biscuits, no Milo, no fruits, I was left to chew socks. Who knows while I was busy calculating my personal expenditure for the month, I heard a familiar tune. It was the Jingle Bell tune. My “crazy” dad set that tune for the door bell. I went to open the door, and for a moment I thought I saw Santa Claus! That guy was dressed in red, carrying a bag of GOODIES for me. It was the MAC DELIVERY GUY!!


I was soooo excited! I gobbled up all the fries and Milo, and left the best for last. The Big Mac burger was huge!! Like always, I’ll eat them in 2s. First the top layer with a meat patty, and then the remaining layer. Who knows when I finished the top layer and was about to feast on the bottom one, I saw TWO PATTIES instead of the usual ONE! I scratched my head and looked at the box and receipt once again. It was the normal Big Mac, not the Mega one. So I went online to check out the image for Big Mac. One patty on top, one patty at the bottom.


Then I started grinning to myself. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Must be the cook accidentally placed an extra patty for me! Wait, either that, or Raymond conspired with them to make me fat. =_=”


Anyway, it’s too late to do anything now too. I dumped the whole burger into my tummy so that the heavy weight of the burger can press off the alarm for hunger pangs. Hehehe. Guan and Jes, how not to be 60kg right??? Told you exercise doesnt work already. Hahahahaha!


Okie, I haven’t been updating on the Everyday I Love You. Few days ago, I wanted to surprise him by cooking him a meal while he was sleeping. Ended up he woke up before I was done. Urgh! He finished everything, gave me a kiss and thanked me for it. 😀


Another night, he specially brought Chicken Croissant from Delifrance after Lynette and Gary’s ROM shoot + event shoot thereafter to share with me. He even surprised me with a box of BAK KWA. We had a great time feasting at the Drop Off porch nearby my place. 😀


Even though he had only a pathetic few short hours of sleep, he managed to wake up by himself early to fetch me and my parents from church and we had lunch together with my aunt. I gave him a missed call, and then hung cos I thought it’s best to let him sleep in. Didn’t expect him to wakie on his own. He also peeled the prawns for me, helped me cook the meat at Jeslin’s place during Shabu Shabu. Cheered me on when I was playing Tennis and Bowling on the Wii with Jeslin even when I was losing for the bowling game. 😀


Today, he helped me cook the rice while i cooked other dishes, and helped me wash the disgusting frying pan which I dread the most to wash. He finished all the food I cooked, except the baked beans which came from the can. He said it’s because the can of baked beans came from the can, and it’s not something that I personally cook. Awww… He also carried my very extremely heavy KATA Bag and the Yoga Mats bag and walked me home after kick boxing. We chatted and farted held hands, and he kissed me good night when we FARTED parted at the lift. Not forgetting, taking good care of my tummy when I’m hungry with the surprise from McDonald’s! 😀


Gotta go already! Piano tomorrow, and pictures to rush. Bubbye! 🙂


Lots of ♥,


F a c e b o o k
S p e c i a l   O n e s
P r o m o t i o n