Ho Wei & Eileen – 6 June 2009

Hi guys!! Raymond and I are back from our Sydney trip for the wedding photography seminar!! It was pretty intensive and informative, and we wished it lasted longer! Cos it’s only towards the end where we get to know each other a little better, and it feels kinda sad when we exchanged our goodbyes with the rest of the fellow photographers. But thanks to the advancement in technology, we’re now all connected via Facebook! Hopefully we’ll get to see each other again ya? Very lovely bunch of people, and we learnt a lot of new stuffs from this trip. Now, who wants to be our guinea pig?? Muwahahahaha! I’ll share more on the Sydney trip on a seperate entry. It’s a real pity Guan couldn’t come along with us. Hmm… next time then! 🙂


Anyway, here are some images from Ho Wei and Eileen’s wedding in June! Met up with Ho Wei few months back to pass him the images, and glad the couple enjoyed the photos! 😀



Raymond particularly like this image for the composition.








While I myself particularly like this one!! I like the overall composition, as well as the expression in her eyes! I love it! 🙂





So sweet!



Eileen was full of smiles that day.





I think it’s because Raymond wasn’t wearing a skirt/dress! Otherwise that guy’s expression would change to something corny and horny. Muwahahahahaha!! 😛


Here’s the groom!


This is Hsiao Hui, and we’ll be there for her actual day wedding photoshoot next year in January!

















Sneaky sneaky…



I like this one too! Love her “rolls eye” expression on this one. Muwahahahaha!







The mums having their face painted.








Where’s Raymond?




Love this one too!






The lovely wedding cake. Has anyone ordered a full real wedding cake before? Wah i think if it’s delicious, i’m gonna finish the entire cake by myself even if it takes me 3 days!



Oh that’s Qi Wei on the right, Hsiao Hui’s hubby tubby!








The emcees announcing the march in.




I still remember the time I attended wedding dinner as a little kid. The music played for march in was totally different from now! So many things have changed, from the songs to the decors to the design and evolution of wedding gowns! Perhaps in many generations to come, our grandchildren will have their wedding banquet under the sea, where guests use their chopsticks to pick fishes they like to eat and they eat it fresh like sashimi. O_O”!


Or maybe high up in the sky where they get to pour syrup over the clouds and eat candy floss? I don’t know, but for sure things will continue to evolve in time to come. Scary!





Preparing for the second march in.





Champagne popping time!


Have always loved this segment cos every person’s expression is different when they pop the champagne! But definitely it’ll end will big smiles and hearty laughs! Hmm… is there any couple who cries after popping the champagne cos they’re scared of the “pop” sound? =/


I like Eileen’s chin and jawline cos they are so distinct. Mine are all meshed up together that sometimes I cannot even tell which is the neck and which is the chin and which is the jaw! Don’t believe? I’ll show you!


Like this!! 🙁


Gained too much weight already. *sobs*! But I can’t stop eating, and resistance is futile when it comes to yummy food! OH!! I have so many things to blog about! Speaking of food, the nasi lemak RICHARD cooked was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo YUMMY!!!!! I can eat a whole container of his ikan bilis with peanut, and the rice itself without anything else!! Wah you guys should go and befriend Richard! We were suggesting to him the other day to make a cooking lesson video. With every dish he cooks, he’ll pretend it’s too hot and warm, and remove one piece of garment. Confirm a hot seller. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! =p





Ho Wei’s daddy.



Guess the speech must be really touching. Sometimes when I see images like this, I’d wish I was there as well so that I can listen and know what’s going on.




Fun time now! Who says only girls are “camwhores”!? 😛









A happy neverending ending!! 😀

Congratulations once again to all couples who are already married, planning to get married, and are getting married! 🙂


I’m a little groggy and drowsy now from the medication. Caught some flu/cold over in Sydney during the last day when we drove back from Brisbane to Sydney. It was a super long drive, and we kept dozing off. It was raining, road was long and some extremely winding. Our tyres skidded a couple of times, but luckily we survived. Haha! Alright, more updates soon ya? Cheers! 🙂



Lots of ♥,



by Raymond Phang Photography

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Jeremy - Monday, November 16, 2009 - 10:37 am

Hi Raymond/ Angeline,

I really like this album, Wei & Eileen – 6 June 2009. It is just so different from the other wedding photographs i have seen.

Do you a email or contact so that i know how to get to you when i need to get to you? Haha.

Do email me at this email addy, jeremy.hws@gmail.com.


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